PowerWash Simulator: How To Complete StegoScore Achievement

Fans of PowerWash Simulator are loving the game’s approach and overall gameplay of a calm nature. There are no big monsters, bloody battles, or dangerous missions.

Players simply have to complete the tasks of cleaning a variety of objects and items one after the other. Apart from the main story, where you upgrade your equipment for better rewards and quicker cleaning, there are a number of achievements too.

Players can go after 40 such achievements, which make the overall game extra fun. One of the trickier ones involve rolling a football to the top of a stegosaurus slide.

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Though the process seems simple enough, players can come across a few problems in actually completing the task. In this regard, the following guide will help players in going about their StegoScore achievement. 

PowerWash Simulator - StegoScore Achievement

PowerWash Simulator: Getting the Urban X U2

Firstly, you cannot complete the task with your basic power washer. Something much more powerful will be needed. That is where the Urban X U2 comes in.

Players will have to buy this medium duty power washer for $900 in the game. Of course, there are steely players who will feel the normal power washer is enough, but the new, better one just makes the whole process go much faster.

Additionally, the cost is always bearable for players, who can complete a big task before going for the Urban X U2. You can choose to complete the Bungalow job before attempting the StegoScore achievement.

After getting the new washer, now it is time for players to get to the playground and start their main mission. 

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PowerWash Simulator - Stegosaurus slide

PowerWash Simulator: Completing the StegoScore achievement

Players have to use a wide nozzle on the Urban X U2 washer before using the force to move the soccer ball in line with the head of the stegosaurus. The perfect area will be the centre of the entry to the slide’s ramp.

Therefore, make sure to use rapid bursts of water which move the ball slowly but accurately in order to get the ball in the desired area. No doubt you will need to be patient as you maneuver the ball accurately.

Having got the ball where it is needed, change your nozzle to the red narrow one.  This will allow you to use extra powerful force, which will be needed as you push the ball up the stegosaurus’ head by firing at it continuously.

Once the ball gets over to the other side of the slide, there will be a notification which reads that the StegoScore achievement is now complete. 

Thus, this is all about finishing the achievement. Now, you will need to clean the Playground, which is reeking with dirt and mud. Therefore, there will be a substantial amount of time required for the same. However, the task is not impossible and you will be able to get it done eventually.  

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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