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Welcome to another guide on Punishing: Gray Raven. Today I will be discussing Memories in this game. Memories are a type of equipment used by Constructs and Compositers.

They provide various stats and effects and when equipped with Memories, a Construct’s performance on the battlefield is vastly improved. You can check out the Table of Contents for the following topics covered:

A Complete Guide On Memories For Punishing Gray Raven

Also known as consciousness chips, they are used to store the minds of deceased historical figures in the form of data.

General Introduction To Memories

Memories of a Construct are equipped in a 6-slot grid. Every memory has 6 numbered versions of itself. These can only be equipped in their respective slots on the grid. The top row of the grid (slots 1-3) is reserved for memories that provide health (HP) and critical hit (CRIT).

On the other hand, memories equipped on the bottom row (slots 4-6) grant attack power (ATK) and defense (DEF).

If a grid has multiple similar memories, the Construct also gets set bonuses. Each memory type has 2 bonus effects. These can be activated by equipping numbers 2 and 4 of the same memory, respectively.

Similar to weapons, memories can be enhanced, overclocked, and resonated. Enhancing a memory only increases its stats while set bonus values remain the same. We will see more about this later on in the guide.

Memories used by Constructs and Compositors are mutually exclusive. The one that works on Constructs won’t work on Compositors. You should always avoid unnecessary enhancement and overclocking on 4-star or lower memories.

For more efficient use of upgrade materials and higher power spikes, focus on 5- and 6-star memories. They are more powerful overall.

For Constructs, go for a four-piece set bonus and a two-piece secondary set bonus in the remaining slots. Compositer memories grant powerful six-piece set bonuses. So for them using the same memory type in all six slots is highly preferable.

Since memories have different stats, their positions can be optimized to enhance a Construct’s damage output. For better battle effectiveness, equip memories with higher ATK values in the bottom slots of the grid. Good memory placement can boost a Construct’s DPS by approximately 0.5%.

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Memory Tier List

6★ Memories

Enhancement/Overclock Requirements

6★ Memory

Overclock StageRequired Experience (total)CogsRequired Materials*
Enhancement (total)Overclock
0-11.660 pts17.00010.0004 CL
1-22.730 pts27.50020.0004 CL, 4 AL
2-34.050 pts40.50030.0003 CL, 3 AL, 3 CH, 3 AH
3-46.140 pts61.50040.0003 CL, 3 AL, 5 CH, 5 AH
4 (MAX)8.590 pts86.000

5★ Memory

Overclock StageRequired Experience (total)CogsRequired Materials
Enhancement (total)Overclock
0-11.180 pts12.0008.0003 CL
1-21.860 pts19.00016.0003 CL, 3 AL
2-33.030 pts30.50024.0002 CL, 2 AL, 2 CH, 2 AH
3-44.580 pts46.00032.0002 CL, 2 AL, 4 CH, 4 AH
4 (MAX)6.390 pts64.000

Memory Overclocking

Overclocking is the ability to increase the level limit on your character’s memories or weapons. It can be only achieved after you have fully enhanced the character’s memory to the level limit.

When this is done, a notification appears on your screen, displaying the activation of overclocking. Also, the enhanced screen changes to an overclock screen, showing a wide range of information.

4-star character memories can only be overclocked 3 times, while 5 and 6 stars can be overclocked 4 times.

Stats Increase:

  • HP Growth Increase Per Level
  • CRIT Growth Increase Per Level


  • ATK Growth Increase Per Level
  • DEF Growth Increase Per Level

Memory Resonance

Resonating means using duplicate weapons or memories to strengthen a particular item. 4-star memories cannot be resonated and in general, memories can only be resonated 2 times.

Apart from using duplicate memories, resonating can be done through the use of memory resonance material. The memory slot does not matter when resonating.

How To Resonate Memories

  • You need the same piece of the memory you want to resonate.
  • Go to the Resonance section.
  • Click on Add(+)
  • Click the + button again on the next screen.
  • Select the Memory you want to resonate and you are done.
  • Use the images below for reference.



With this, I must now end the guide on Memories in Punishing: Gray Raven. Hopefully, it wasn’t too boring. Leave your thoughts with us in the comments section below. I will be back with more gaming content for you. Till then take care and see you soon!

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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