Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt: Full Quests Guide Season 1

The release of Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt has stirred the fangs up in players. Its battle-royale gameplay has been much cherished and fans are sinking their teeth into completing the missions. Though there have been some mixed reactions, it will certainly take some time for opinions to develop fully.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of exciting things to consider already, including an array of Quests. The following guide will help you further with everything you need to know regarding the same in Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt Season 1.

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Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt: Full Quests Guide Season 1

Dirty Work 

Players have to approach Kirill to start, who wants a bag of explosives brought to him from the city. 

  • Part 1: You will find the explosives near a computer on a desk. It is to the east of the Burning Church. 
  • Part 2: The detonators are absent so Kirill sends you back to get a Crossbow and to make sure it works before bringing it. Players will get a Crossbow in between a match and have to do 75 damage with it. This can be done in a single match or across multiple ones. 
  • Part 3: Kirill is happy but tells you to go “for a run” in the city. Players have to run 1,000 meters in the city. Once again, it can be achieved in one or multiple matches. 
  • Rewards: You will get the prize of the “Statuesque” player icon as Kirill is satisfied with your nous. 

Damage Report

Kirill sends you out to the city to find everything you can about the Second Inquisition troops. 

  • Part 1: Find the Entity forces stationed by the bridge which is to the northwest of the Skybar. 
  • Part 2: The Entity is closing off the city so Kirill wants to look upon the Harbour. Players should move towards the Entity forces at the Harbour via the bridge to complete this part. 
  • Part 3: Kirill wants you to visit Prince’s haven where the Entity had been digging after hearing that they are not letting anyone leave the city. The Prince’s crypt is out in the open and approaches the hole on the road to complete. 
  • Rewards: Kirill determines that the Entity is using a cover of a terrorist attack to do their dirty work. Players will get the “Inquisition” banner. 

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Kirill needs your help “running” a thing once more. 

  • Part 1: Kirill needs you to report on any Anarch happenings beside the Rooftop restaurant after getting intel from Maia. 
  • Part 2: Kirill is not pleased with what he hears and sends you to survey the area around the Parking Garage.
  • Part 3: The Anarch base is somewhere near and Kirill has you go to the Abandoned Mall.
  • Part 4: You have found the Anarch’s “nest.” Omnis has tasked you and Kirill to install the camera on the roof of the Art Gallery, which overlooks the Abandoned Mall.
  • Part 5: Omnis’ camera fails but Kirills has one of his own. However, this needs to be place much nearer to the nest. You head onto a pillar, south of the Abandoned Mall, beside the parking garage. 
  • Part 6: Entity soldiers are around and Anarch have documents. You have to distract the Entity and stop them discovering any documents. Therefore, kill 3 Entity hunters in the city. This can be done across multiple missions. 

Rewards: You get the “Seeing Red” player icon and earn the trust of Kirill for future missions. 

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Blood will have Blood

Start by talking to Custos.

  • Part 1: Locate Custos’ lost watch which can be found near one of his thralls. It is south of the Burning church, beside a small statue. 
  • Part 2: Custos thanks you at the Elysium and Kirill wants to talk. He wants you to find the who is breaking the Masquerade via CCTV footage near the Burning Church.
  • Part 3: The first footage is hazy so Kirill has you get another one.
  • Part 4: The unknown figure cannot be identified well. More CCTV footage is required, based on the directions which are northeast of the Burning Church. 
  • Rewards: Kirill tells you to keep the found knowledge with yourself. You are rewarded with the “Serpenspine” player banner. 
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Proof of Unlife

Custos has called on you to find an ally. 

  • Part 1: You have to reach a downed helicopter near Old Town Square. Gather more information on what happened which is on the west of the Burning Church. 
  • Part 2: Custos’ ally is alive but the whereabouts are unknown. Custos orders you to find clues in the crash site by doing an aerial reconnaissance. 
  • Part 3: An Entity report mentions that the helicopter was struck by an RPG. You must go up to the top of the Burning church to find more details. 
  • Part 4: You hand over a note to Custos which makes it seem like the ally has died. Custos believes it and motions that Maia wants to talk. 
  • Part 5: Maia feels that Kindred, her friend as well, is alive. You have to go to the southwest of the church to investigate more. 
  • Part 6: An Entity report states that Kindred may have escaped and Maia feels she has moved back to the Terrace. 
  • Part 6: You find clues about Kindred’s presence at the Terrace. Maia is relieved and now Kirill wants to talk. 
  • Part 8:  You have to take ammunition for him and find a bag of rockets north of the Burning Church. 

Rewards: Since none of the rockets are missing, the mystery of how the helicopter crashed remains. Meanwhile, you receive the “Rorshach” player banner. 

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Casus Belli

Kirill starts revealing his grand plans. All objectives require players to make use of specific tasks and weapons. Moreover, everything can be done across multiple matches. 

  • Part 1: Deal 300 damage to enemy players in the city. You can do it using any ability or weapon. 
  • Part 2: Takedown three opponents using a Double Barreled Shotgun. Special weapons can be found in a variety of places including hidden in vans, special chests or simply out in the open. 
  • Part 3: Achieve 40 headshots on enemies using a Burst Rifle. Every Entity player carries one so you have to take one from them in their area or kill them to get it. Moreover, since killing with headshots only is tough, you can look to weaken the enemy with other weapons before using the Burst Rifle to put the final blow as headshots. 
  • Part 4: Anarchs are in full confusion and running helter-skelter. Kirill tasks you to kill two enemies who have had a blood hunt called. You can easily spot them as a bright red silhouette. Be careful of other players doing the same task. You have to eliminate them carefully. 
  • Part 5: The final task is to kill three enemies from Clan Brujah. They have the Brute and Vandal archetypes. Be wary of who you are up against, based on their movement. You may need multiple attempts to get this done. 

Rewards: You get the “Fiercely Loyal” outfit after returning to Elysium. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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