Evil Dead: The Game – How to Play and Win as Demon

The franchise game Evil Dead: The Game has been quite a popular choice for gamers and fans alike. The movie series has always been held in high regard, right from its debut production in 1981.

The game inculcates parts of all three movies, the reboot, and the TV series. Players join Ash Williams and his team of Survivors in their quest to stop the Demons and Deadites.

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However, the famous saying in Star Wars goes, “come to the Dark side” is not without its merits. There’s an innate feeling in all of us to taste life as the villain, the evil force, and the game developers understood it.

Therefore, there is the option in Evil Dead: The Game to play as Demons and Deadites. Given how new the game is, the following guide will help you with the best ways how to act as a Demon and win over the Survivors.


Evil Dead: The Game- How to be a Demon

First things first, Demons and Deadites yield powers at an extremely high level. Hence, players may feel the need to ease into things and survey the scenes as Demons before going on hunting for Survivors.

Gain XP as much as possible

Players’ main focus as Kandarian Demon is to become as mighty as possible. Therefore, getting XP as much as possible is the key way to do that. Players can possess objects, set traps, go on hunts, and more.

Moreover, if you cannot find Survivors at any point in Evil Dead: The Game, go on these types of quests. Make sure that you are getting that XP bar filled to the brim and keep on doing it. The Demon Threat Level increasing is another big help in this regard.

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Careful in possession

Despite possession helping you gain XP, be careful of how long you are in possession. Demons can possess Deadites, minions, vehicles, and more. However, the best possession is always a Survivor.

Players should battle to the end in their possession and make sure to unleash the Demon’s abilities as the fight is coming to an end.

Pick Survivors off one by one

It is an age-old custom. Hitting one is way easier and more beneficial than taking on a whole group. Therefore, as a Demon, make sure that you go after the solo Survivors one after the other. Survivors tend to wander off in their own paths towards the beginning of matches.

That is how you will get more chances to defeat them easily. Hence, make sure to keep the focus on these Survivors as any reduction in their numbers will be a big blow to the whole squad.


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Just be…demonic

Players can keep storing their Infernal Energy as Demons instead of transporting them into Deadites. This is because the latter can be harmlessly overpowered by Survivors. However, the actual Demon is a different proposition altogether.

Players as Demons can call upon hordes of minions with the Infernal Energy to do their bidding. They will be too much for the Survivors to handle and raise the levels of Fear in Survivors. Thus, the Demon will easily finish off the battle by this tactic as they have a legion of minions behind them.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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