Rune Factory 5 | How To Download/Activate GE-Proton7-21

In Rune Factory 5, you can defend your community by capturing rowdy monsters and undertaking special missions as the newest ranger of the SEED peacekeeping organisation.

Develop your farm and relationships while solving rune-related puzzles! This article will walk you through each step of getting Rune Factory 5’s cutscenes to operate on Steam Deck.

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How To Activate GE-Proton7-21 Or Higher In Rune Factory 5

As you go out on a vast Rune Factory journey, sow the seeds of a brand-new life in Rigbarth! The runes that control the harmony between people and nature are being impacted by inexplicable happenings that are taking place in the tranquil border village of Rigbarth.

Protect the frontier town as the newest ranger for the SEED peacekeeping agency by capturing unruly monsters with your official SEED-issued magic seal. When not on a mission, assist the residents of Rigbarth in fostering the growth of the community through friendships, farming, and celebrations!

But it’s time to prove yourself when the peace balance starts to shift. Join forces with the locals and set out on a huge journey to solve the mystery engulfing the country, embracing your inner strength to stop the spread of chaos.

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Methods for Downloading and Activating GE-Proton7-21 and Newer

You are currently reading this section of the guide since, like many other games, this one has cutscene problems with the official versions of proton and cutscenes are broken. Let’s jump right into the guide, then.

Step 1: Enter desktop mode as usual. 

Step 2: Search for and download ProtonUp-Qt using the Discover Software Center.

Step 3: Run ProtonUp-Qt after it has been installed. Click the add version button and enter Version 7-21 through to 7-24; however, I do know that 7-21 is the lowest version that is entirely compatible with Rune Factory 5; versions 7-18 and below did not function.

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Step 4: Once installed, it’s as easy as returning to game mode, selecting Rune Factory 5, choosing Settings from the cogwheel menu, selecting Properties from the drop-down menu, choosing Compatibility from the list, selecting “Force the use of Specific Steam Play Compatibility Tool,” and then turning on GE-Proton7-21.

Step 5: Exit the programme and launch Rune Factory 5, and the game should be nearly perfect by this point.

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Ending Words

With pals from Rigbarth by your side, explore the vast, colourful wilderness to unlock strong, fashionable link attacks that promote cooperation and strategy. Grow a variety of crops on the backs of dragons by taming monsters to act as your helpful farmhands! 

Take a break from your adventure to take in the slower tempo of town life. During one of Rigbarth’s many seasonal festivals, you can compete in cooking, crafting, and fishing competitions or ask your significant other to join you for a night of stargazing. 

Make friends with the Rigbarth eligible marriage hopefuls by finishing their individual storylines. Get engaged, start a family, and fall in love! I really hope you found this guide useful. Be sure to come back because we write exclusive gaming guides just for you. Thank you for your time! Have a nice day.

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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