Saints Row 2022: How To Bring In Characters From Boss Factory

The reincarnation of the Saints Row franchise has delighted fans all across the world.

There have been severe growth in the game play and likeness to real-world action which I am loving.

Another cool feature has been the character customization, with the game also allowing to bring over characters from Boss Factory. Indeed, players can don the outfits they created and chose in the demo game.

In that regard, I have compiled the following guide to help players get the full understanding of the mechanics and how to go about looking even cooler!

Saints Row 2022 - Getting characters

Saints Row 2022: The Boss Factory outfits

When players were in the demo, they had the chance a develop a character’s look before the release. Here’s how the full system worked back there: 

  • I was enthralled by the freedom provided by the developers in terms of customizing every part of a character
  • Furthermore, you could also change voice and emotes of your characters, alongside the usual bells and whistles
  • I used to upload characters on the community grid, apart from saving them.

The process of saving any character you had designed was fairly straightforward and is listed below: 

  • Move over to the My Bosses Presets option and go into the My Bosses tab
  • Press the ‘save‘ icon and you will save it in the game
  • I wanted to share it as well so choose the Share and Import Boss option before going to the Manage and Share Bosses
  • You can share from here, and even add tags to the creation so others are easily able to find it. 

Saints Row 2022 - Importing characters from Boss Factory

Saints Row 2022: Importing characters into the game

The process to bring in your characters to Saints Row from Boss Factory is another simple task. Here’s how it can be achieved in the game: 

  • After saving your creation in Boss Factory, open up your Smartphone in Saints Row
  • Head over to the Style section and choose the Bosses section
  • Select the My Bosses tab which will give you access to all the characters you have saved so far
  • I found that playing both games via the same account will be beneficial and make the process go smoother. 
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However, for players wanting to get characters from different accounts or even people, they can do so by following the given steps: 

  • The most important thing in this process is the Share Code of the character you want to bring
  • Players can get the Share Code from the Uploaded section of the Boss Factory where it is present below the selected character
  • Back in Saints Row, go to Style menu in your Smartphone. Choose Manage and Share Bosses
  • Click on the “Search by Share Code,” insert the given code, and you will be bringing in the character instantly. 

Thus, these are the easy steps to access all characters across Boss Factory and Saints Row.

They add massively to the overall aesthetics and game play as you can enjoy watching your creation. So, make sure to keep creating and customizing them. 

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

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