Two Point Campus: How To Stop Invaders And Invasions Quickly

We all love a good battle, don’t we? Especially when we are managing a full-scale university. I am in the position of dean, chancellor, and motivator all rolled into one.

However, there are some teething problems from time to time. One of the most impactful ones are invaders.

The people dressed in funky outfits with a ragtag battalion in the initial days. However, their attacks get more barbaric and damaging as the years go by.

Indeed, the destruction caused by them can wreck havoc to your map. I was forced to do over a lot of things again and again due to them.

That is why it is important to take them down quickly and the following guide explains how. 

Two Point Campus - Battling Invasions

Two Point Campus: Prevention is better than cure

Of course, you cannot pick and choose the invaders coming through. However, there are some courses that you can totally avoid in order to not get invaders. Here’s how:

  • I learnt that bypassing stuff such as Knight School, Archaeology, Dark Arts, and Academic Exercise will be massively beneficial
  • Difficult courses will not have invaders meaning you will be on the front foot there
  • If possible, do not choose or upgrade to courses that are conjoined with invaders which will deprive them of their chances. 

Two Point Campus: Rapid Janitors to the rescue

One of the major traits while selecting Janitors is how Rapid they are. This is made all the more important when battling invaders. This is because: 

  • As it is, Janitors have to be moving all around the campus all day long and this will already help them
  • I beefed up the Security and Aerodynamics of the Janitors as these two are crucial during invasions
  • Catching invaders will be key since they are defeated automatically by the Janitors. So, make sure you are not laxing at your work or even catching the bad guys.
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Two Point Campus - Invaders

Two Point Campus: Focus everyone on invaders

While this may be basic advice, it is important to understand that Janitors approach an invasion as any other event.

Therefore, players have to be very mindful of the following things: 

  • You have to make sure that Janitors are aware of an invasion happening and not focus on any other activity
  • So, whenever an invasion begins, pause game and enter the Job Assignment through the Janitor tab
  • I had to deselect every other option while only keeping “Security” on
  • Now, the main job will be to eliminate invaders and once they are done, you can go back into the previous menu to restart life as usual. 

Thus, that is all the information you will require in combating invasions. I had some problems in the initial stages, but have grown much more comfortable with time. 

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

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