SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE: How To Reduce Lock-on Changes

In the multiplayer Gundam action role-playing game SD Gundam Battle Alliance, players can engage in thrilling mechanized combat either alone or with companions.

Get new mobile suits, upgrade them, and use them in diverse tasks to fight! This post explains how to minimize bothersome lock-on adjustments. Simple advice: Pay attention to the target and avoid looking about.

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How To Lessen Lock-on Changes In SD Gundam Battle Alliance

Since I first started playing the game with the mouse, I’ve been using the auto lock off with the center camera, and I don’t find it as uncomfortable as some people do. It could be improved, but I’ve grown accustomed to it and can play with it without any problems.

I presume that subsequent fixes would fix it for the majority of folks for those who can’t. It’s ridiculous that you have to disable the mouse in order for the game to be playable in mouse and keyboard mode, but I suppose it’s the only option until they figure out a solution.

Lock-on Change Fix

Hi all. Constant lock-on is crucial for ranged-type fighters like me who are accurate shooters. I created this manual because the settings listed below enabled me to concentrate fire on important targets at a distance, and I want to help you do the same. I’ll keep it brief, simple, and direct.

Because the technique for changing lock-on is by looking about, you can notice lock-on changes frequently. This simply means that it’s because you moved the mouse if you’re using a keyboard and mouse. Even a very tiny mouse movement can result in “looking about,” especially if you are a sniper who is far from the target.

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You just need to stop looking around to reduce the lock-on changes. The mouse should never be used at all, to cease looking around. The keyboard merely needs a creative button configuration. I give you mine:

  • Move: A,S,D,W
  • Look: NUM 4, NUM 2, NUM 8, NUM 6
  • Lock-on/Reset view: NUM 5
  • Main range: NUM 9
  • Main melee: NUM 7
  • Sub 1: Q
  • Sub 2: E
  • Special Melee: C
  • Guard: F
  • Repair: R
  • Rapid Drop: X
  • Jump: Space
  • Dash/Action: Left Shift
  • Partner 1 special: 1
  • Partner 2 special: 2

Ideal Settings

Given that the aforementioned is so close to ASDW, doing your special actions and role actions is made simple for you.

  • Role action: F+C
  • For Special: Q+E

Additional suggested choices:

  • Turn off the auto lock. It seems to give me more control.
  • Change the lock to priority center. This, in my opinion, is helpful when choosing targets, particularly if you want to avoid nearby enemies and concentrate on a boss that is far away.

How to apply:

  1. Use the Num look buttons to find the target
  2. Lock-on
  3. Put less emphasis on looking and more on attacking. Stay away from the mouse.
  4. After the enemy is deceased continue from 1.

I’m done now. I hope this is useful and increases your enjoyment of the game.

I hope you liked my guide. Please do read my other guides too, I am sure you will like them. Hope you have a great day ahead!

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

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