Seven Knights 2 – Equipment Guide and Gear Sets

In this post for Seven Knights 2 you will be knowing about Equipment or Gears in details. I will be going over Equipment progress, how to get or farm them, how to improve them, and best gear sets for different heroes.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights which was globally loved by the community. You basically start off with the continuation of Rudy’s Story. On a side note, if you want to know how to spend Rubies correctly in Seven Knights, I have just the guide for you.

Moving on, in this post, you may encounter a lot of new terms. If you are unable to understand any one of them, do let me know in the comments. I would also like your input on upgrading Equipment if you have any additions to make.

Seven Knights 2 Equipment Guide + Gear Sets


These are the main topics I will cover. There will be sub-topics to them which you can check out once you read the main topics. Hopefully these will help you grasp a better understanding for the Equipment, Their sets, locations, and heroes to use them with.

Farming Equipment in Seven Knights 2

1. Seven Knights 2 Field Explorations Guide✅

This will be my first point to get gears. You can find this tab on the main screen at the left hand side. Different maps have different types of gear sets. Ideally, you should look for the ones you need, and then proceed with the map. For example, Coastal Snowfield Outskirts will typically give you Body Armors and Rare Accessories.

There is a CP/Level Requirement for these maps so make sure you meet them before proceeding. CP basically stands for Combat Power and different maps require different values of it. For example, in the above image, The CP requirement for “Lingering Coast” is 17,000. Make sure to check this before going forth.

2. Doing Raids for Equipment✅

We also have raids! Raids are common for such games and usually offer great rewards if you are able to complete them. To illustrate, in the Gigantus’s Pirate Fleet, You mostly get attack Set pieces. For a different raid, you may get critical damage and chance set pieces.

All of these vary on what you want and how you want to farm them. The main thing is to do these raids properly and complete them under the said conditions.

3. Celestial Towers and Quests✅

As you climb the celestial towers, you will be rewarded with pieces of Equipment or Gear.  In addition to Equipment, as you climb more, you will also get certain materials and resources. These are particularly helpful to increase the overall level of your account.

If you do Story Quests, you can also get Equipment rewards from them as well. Once you complete them, click on them again to claim the reward. The quest you are currently doing will show a “In Progress” option besides that.

4. Getting Equipment from Emporium Shop✅

Emporium is a great place to get your wanted gears/Equipment. This is an important place to get them as well. That is because this shop refreshes every 6 Hours. You can use this time to do other activities, and come back when new ones refresh!

Taken from: how to spend rubies guide

There are also other shops you can check out. They are:

  • Yuri’s Outfit Shop
  • Alice’s General Shop
  • Ethella’s Summon Shop
  • And last but not the least, Mole’s Emporium Shop

5. Equipment Crafting✅

Here, you can use various scrap materials, resources, and gold to craft the piece of equipment you want. To craft higher level of gear, specifically the legendaries, you need specific items. They can generally be found in raids. Otherwise the general resources should be enough to craft the gears. In short;

  • Do normal activities like Field Expeditions for Scrap Metals and Other resources.
  • Do specific activities like Raids for specific Items and materials.

Places to AVOID getting equipment from❌

These two options are the last places you should get your gears from. I would NOT recommend that you get your gear from these options. They are:

  • ❌ Equipment Summon: A big no no when it comes to getting gears. Takes up a lot of currency and the drop rates are not good at all.
  • Arena Token Exchange: DO NOT use token to exchange for gear sets in Arena. As far as I know, they are not feasible on the long run so avoid them.

Upgrading Equipment/Gear and Overall CP

To upgrade your gear, go inside inventory > Click on the equipment > Enhance/Transcend/Unequip. That is the simplest way to explain the upgrade. Let me now elaborate this. There are two options for you here to increase level of gear.

  1. Enhance: +5 Level for Normal Gear, +10 Level for greater Gear, +15 for Rare Gear/Equipment, and +20 for Legendary Gear.
  2. Transcend: This basically boost one of the stats of the equipment by a decent amount. This will also increase the CP of your account since it boosts the power levels.

To Enhance Equipment, You need Enhancement Stones. Each stones corresponds to its rarity and you need to get the stones for specific rarity to upgrade them. 

To get Enhancement Stones, you need to salvage gear. Try to salvage those that are not in much use. You can also Trade stones to upgrade them. For example, you can Trade Greater enhancement stones to get Rare Enhancement Stones. 

  • 12 Greater Enhancement stone = 1 rare enhancement stone

To Transcend Equipment, You need to use other equipment or gears of the same type. Use those that are not in use, or you have a lot of them. This simple step will help increase the CP of your heroes. And Ultimately it will boost your account CP by a chunky amount.

Which Equipment or Gear Sets To use for Heroes

A lot of players get confused as to which gear suits which hero in this game. That is because there is a variety of gears and heroes to choose from and knowing the synergy can be difficult. I will try to make it simple for you.

Attack Gear Sets

Attack sets are quite basic when it comes to Seven Knights 2. But this is important part of the game. This set helps the DPS, Ranged, and Offense based Heroes. One great damage dealer in the game is Cosette. In my opinion she could totally use Attack Sets to boost damage.

Except for her, Ming and especially Dellons does very well with Attack Equipment Sets. Since he relies heavily on damage, the set stacks with his skills and given a decent boost. Normal Shane can also use this set to boost her stats as well.

Crit Gear Sets

Legendary Shane is my top pick to use Crit Equipment/Gear Sets. Mainly, DPS, Ranged, and Crit-Based heroes should be ideal to use these. Cosette is alo a good option here since she is damage based hero who can use some crit damage and stats as well.

Transcender Gear Sets

This basically increases skill levels by 1, 2 or 3. Ideally you want to use Farmers, Debuffers, and the Resistors. The top hero to use here would be Eileene. Increasing her skill level would mean that she can now disable enemies for longer durations. Guilahan is also good for this set. You can also use Melissa as support to resist Crits from enemies.

Soothsayer Gear Sets

Supports and Skill usage-based heroes excel with these set. Karin, Shay, and Serena would be ideal here since these are great supports. You can also use Debuffers with this set. That is because skill cooldown reduction will help them keep enemies at check for longer time.

Holy Knight Gear Sets

Tanks and Defense based heroes should ideally use this. Valdur, Rudy, Evan, and Kade should be your top picks for this. Other heroes include Vindigo, Iota, and Tristan. These will directly impact the HP of the characters and increase their tankyness even further.

Saviour Gear Sets

Use those heroes with this set that need HP Scaling. The best example would be Karin and Shane since they heal based on HP scaling. Evan and Tristan should also be considered here since they are Reflectors. This will help them take more damage and out-sustain enemies.

Protector Gear Sets

Normal and Legendary Rudy, along with Evan would be the recommendation here. Basically since they have high blocking power, they would make the most use of the protector sets. having them would mean that you will keep a rock solid defense!

Executioner Gear Sets

These are hard to obtain and the amount of effort they take is not worth what they offer. The ATK/Crit sets are more reasonable when you compare them.

I will try to populate this section at later stage if I find it feasible. For now this will remain vacant unless I see any updates from the dev team and the community.

That would be all from this guide on Complete Equipment/Gears Walkthrough for Seven Knights 2. I hope you found this useful, and if it did help you, do leave a comment below. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

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