Mythic Heroes Shop Guide – What To Buy (F2P/P2W)

In this guide for Mythic Heroes, I will show you what to buy from Shop. This is basically a shop guide for the game where you need to know where and how to spend. 

For an idle game like Mythic Heroes, players like to spend some bucks every now and then in the shop. Even for a free to play (F2P) player, this shops guide will prove beneficial, so keep reading.

Mythic Heroes – Shop Guide – What To Buy or Purchase

Mythic Heroes - Shop Guide - What To Buy or Purchase

I will be discussing what you should and can purchase both as a Free-To-Play (F2P) player as well as someone who won’t mind spending a few bucks. I will be showing them separately so ready that depending on what type of spender you are.

Shop Guide for F2P Players ⇓

General Shop

The first thing that I want you to do is avoid or forget about the actual store and try focussing on Marketplace. This is where your main transactions will happen. Since cash in not an option here, head over to the “General” Shop Tab.

Mythic heroes shop guide

  • Try to Purchase Stardust in exchange for Gold
  • You can refresh 1 time to get a bit more of Stardust
  • Try To spend Most of your Diamonds on Summoning 

But if you have a good stardust deal, grab that too. Do not bias here and focus your purchases on these two first.

Guild Shop

In the Guild Shop Tab, you can purchase stardust too. But here, you can also buy Runes and Equipment. This is bit of a surprise for some players, but for a F2P player, these two also matter a lot. So get them as well.

Mythic heroes shop guide

Pantheon Shop

In the Pantheon Shop Tab, we will also be looking for, and buying Stardust. Along with that, you should also purchase the characters you are using on your main team for Campaign content. This would the ideal approach here.

Mythic heroes shop guide

Arena Shop

In the Arena Shop, if you are done spending on the characters you want to purchase or level up, you can do more. Look at the top row and feel free to purchase anything you think is useful for you from there.

If you need more characters from the Arena Shop, Then do not bother to look for other items here since they would just be a distraction.

Tribute Shop

In the Tribute Shop, go for the cube piece and try to buy that everyday if possible. Save the rest of the tribute points if you want to purchase any SSR Cards. Do this only if like to summon new heroes.

You can also opt to spend it something you like other than that. After getting the cube piece, this is practically up to personal choice.

Mythic heroes shop guide

Prestige Shop

Here you do not want to spend on Cards but hold onto those points to do others things. These can be:

  • Saving points for until you unlock Soul Sealed Chest
  • Fix a broken Rune Set
  • Upgrade a Good Weapon that you have

Market Shop

In the market shop, you can purchase a lot of things that are efficient than spending some money. Some of them are:

  • Faith
  • Gears
  • Crystals (If you have extra ONLY)

Mythic heroes shop guide

Ideally, you can farm a lot of resources from the events that come and go. So if you are running short of any resource, do not panic and go to the shop and do unwanted purchases. Farm event and save them up.

Shops, especially Marketplace should be used for more concentrated and specific purchases that you cannot farm from General Events. That will be a wrap from the F2P Shop Guide section for Mythic Empires.

Guide on Priority of Purchase for F2P Shop

You should follow a general priority of purchase if you are an F2P player in Mythic Heroes. It goes as follows in numerical Order:

  1. Team Member Copies
  2. Cube Pieces
  3. Stardust
  4. Soul Seal Chest
  5. Runes and Equipment
  6. Faith
  7. Spins
  8. Personal Preferences
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Shop Guide for Low Spenders ⇓

If you are an entry level or low end spender in Mythic Heroes, it will unlock the store for you. Now there are Stores that will open up that are worth the deal ONLY if you are willing to spend. Let’s take a look.

Subscription Packs

Mythic heroes shop guide


If you do not want the paid content to end, go ahead and spend it in the Permanent Pack. It does what it reads, that is, it won’t end. This can be a reasonable investment at the cost of entertainment.

This comes in at the whopping expense of 19.99$ but if you are a spender then this can be the ultimate purchase for you. There are other cheap alternatives to this as well like the Summer Sub for 14.99$ and the Normal Monthly Sub for 4.99$.

Progressions Packs

Mythic heroes shop guide

Progression Packs usually come at the cost of 5$ and are worth the deal if you are a low end spender. This will grant you a tonne of gems to clear chapters. This in return will boost you significantly at a lower cost.

VIP 5 benefits

If you spend enough to become a VIP 5 you can get the following perks:

  • Resource Drops in Trials of Ascension
  • Zodiac Cavern Challenges Per Day +1 
  • Mastermind Free Arena Invitation Per Day +1
  • Monthly Subscription Level +1
  • Unlocks “Collect All” in Fable Agora
  • Astrolabe Gold Drops +30%
  • Astrolabe EXP Drops +30%
  • Fable Agora Quests Per Day +2
  • Free Gladiator Arena Invitations Per Day +3

General Shop

Spend More for the Same resources I mentioned for F2P players. You can now refresh twice and continue to spend on them without worrying too much. of course, this comes at a cost, but it is a benefit nonetheless.

EXP and Gold for Diamond

Experience and Gold in exchange for diamond is also an option here and you can spend more diamonds to get EXP and Gold. This will help you get ahead of players and skip time by advancing more.

Guild Shop

You can purchase from the guild shop even more since you can spend more diamonds to get extra guild points. This is a major boost as compared to an F2P player, but as I mentioned before, it comes as a P2W cost!

Arena Shop

Now, it will be more possible for you to spend more if you purchase tickets daily using the extra diamonds you are getting. 

Tribute and Prestige Shops

In the Tribute and Prestige shops, you can now purchase more SSR Cards since you have enough to do so

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Shop Guide for High Spenders ⇓

If you are all in for the P2W experience, or just want to spend a lot in general. There are some things you still need to keep in mind. I will list down what the general list of “High Spenders” prefer to do:

  • 0.99$ Rookie Pack (2546 Diamonds/Dollar)
  • Supreme Monthly Subscription (1311 Diamonds/Dollar)
  • Monthly Subscription (1278 Diamonds/Dollar)
  • Pantheon pass ( ~1000 Diamonds/$ depending on spins and other activities)
  • 4.99$ of the 7 Day Pass (898 Diamonds/Dollar)
  • 4.99$ Rookie Pack (842 Diamonds/$)
  • Carnival Pack (807 Diamonds/Dollar)
  • Hero Pass (792 Diamonds/$)
  • 9.99$ 7 Days Pass (785 Diamonds/$)
  • 24.99$ 7 Days Pass (667 Diamonds/$)

This is basically purchasing all the Rookie Packs and Other purchasable, along with the passes as well. The Hero and Pantheon pass in specific will bear great fruits for your massive expense in the game if you wish to do so!

Also, you if you wish to spend the whopping 99.99$ for the diamonds, you now get 200% bonus for that as well. All of these come at the massive expense of a lot of wallet value.

That would be all in this Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Shops Guide. Do leave you thoughts in the comments below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

2 thoughts on “Mythic Heroes Shop Guide – What To Buy (F2P/P2W)”

  1. The guide is generally good (slightly outdated p2w section but this doesn’t affect much)
    I would however argue against spending any diamonds anywhere.
    Diamonds are extremely hard to get and expensive even for p2w!
    As months go on you’ll realise that saving ‘up to’ 60.000 diamonds for banner summon every 14 days is impossible for F2P so you want to keep hold of all of them to hopefully pull 3 chosen SSRs every time. This means that you want to spend diamonds only on:
    High value event market purchases (like divinity and soulseal chests)
    Banner summons
    ONE extra wish a day for guild points
    and nothing else
    Spending diamonds in shops – You could say that dust/experience is extremely important but extra delay of week or two in reaching max level won’t change a thing whilst lack of diamonds for summons eventually will. Yes, saving diamonds will stall your progress a bit in first 2 months or so but you will recover shortly afterwards + keep benefits of all saved diamonds.
    So what you need to do to get more diamonds is:
    -not spend them in shops
    -level up fable agora quests over time (more diamonds per quest on higher levels)
    -reset quests to get more diamond ones (early game is not as rewarding as per above)
    -level up your cube as much as possible (this modifies diamond chest rewards as well as passive gains)
    -join a levelled guild, at least lvl 4 or more
    -modify your team for max damage for each different boss (guild+pantheon bosses give diamond chests)
    -make use of monthly subscriptions if able

    I would also vouch for expenditure of gold towards faith and divinity stones, especially the 5 sided ones and above. This is something that was omitted and will eventually be a chokepoint for you.
    Inherited divinity is also great in late game, worth keeping this in the back of your mind. For this reason I would only spend tribute on a daily cube and ‘bank’ the rest for inherited divinity. I think it takes 18 inherited divinity to max out one unit so you can see how important they’ll become in late game.
    Also, spend extra guild points on weapons that your team uses the most like the green pendant one for casters.
    Similarly I wouldn’t spend pantheon badges on dust or anything else to instead spend them on hero fragments and ‘bank’ the rest. This shop resets every week so you’re unlikely to generate extra for dust/divinity/faith anyway. Pantheon isn’t as rewarding and this currency is fairly rare. Getting 27 copies of your main hero will otherwise be more of a pain.
    My last point is about shop resetting for 50 diamonds or resetting it more than once… You know what I’m going to say here…
    OK let’s sum up our savings: not resetting the shops 50+100+50, not wishing more than once 150, not spending diamonds on dust/exp let’s say 300. Total 650 diamonds (or so) a day. 650×14 days = 9100 diamonds. That’s 30 summons on every banner at the cost of slower progression in first 2 months or so. The choice is yours ofc.
    In closing I want to add that guides like this one were created around the time of official game release, the time when the game was throwing resources and SSRs at you like there’s no tomorrow. Hence why a lot of people from pre-release see a benefit in spending diamonds because they’re ahead in SSR copies. From now on new SSRs are being added every 2 weeks watering down the pool and making maxing your units closer to impossible. That’s why I made my recommendations the way I did.

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