Myth of Empires: Perk Points Guides and Tips

In this post for Myth of Empires, I will be sharing some tips on how and where you can get Perk Points. Perk Points are a must have after a certain level in the game. Of course, this guide is for intermediate to advanced players.

For beginners, read my post on beginners tips and guide for Myth of Empires. Moving on, if you want to progress seamlessly, specifically after level 375, you require these. Let’s checkout where and how to find them on the map!

Myth of Empires – How and Where To Find Perk Points

What are Perk Points?

To level up and push your Skill Levels, especially past level 375, you will require Perk points. This segment can be found at the bottom-left of the “skills” section. Make sure to check for it there.

Myth of Empires: Perk Points Guides and Tips

You can level up as much as you want up until level 375. It will cost you no units or currencies to do that. But after this level, the requirement ceiling hits you in the form of “Perk Points” as I showed you above.

How To Find Perk Points?

These are scattered all around the map. Usually Perk Points can be located near high areas. These can be small hills, mountains, or small mounds also.

Inside the open world, look for Stone Statues like you would find in Chinese Temples. They should look like this:

Myth of Empires: Perk Points Guides and Tips

If you open up the actual map, they should look something like this:

Myth of Empires: Perk Points Guides and Tips

Make sure to flag it using the marker so that it will be easy to find it later. Also give it a proper name so that you do not get mixed up. Note that use markers only for special locations. More markers can congest the screen!

How To Find More Perk Points

As I mentioned previously, these can be found, typically on higher areas. So if you are running around and exploring, or simply going to a destination, make sure to go up such hills and high areas.

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Taking a quick look is all that is required. These are significantly visible from a distance so you should not have a hard time spotting them. To sum it up look for:

  • Hills
  • Mounds
  • Mountains
  • Top of Slopes
  • Some exceptions like flatlands and lower areas also (about 10%)
  • Other High Areas and locations

Interacting with Perk Points

To interact with Perk Points Hold down E (By default) and it will initiate a synchronization process. At the end of this Sync process, you basically receive the perk points.

Use these points wisely since they require some cost to respecc. I have not tried respeccing with I am sure that it does cost some currency or exchange in order to respec Perk Points!

Some More Tips for Perk Points

Its better to unlock these as you go along with your main quests and other important tasks. That is because, later on when you go to a higher level, typically 375+ skill points, you will have to allot a separate time to farm perk points.

Hence, In my advice, it is best to look for perk points as you are doing other activities in Myth of Empires. There is not much more to this than what I showed you. There are no dedicated locations for perk points.

Yes, there are general locations except for a few exceptions. Most of the times you can find them on higher areas.

That would be all from this guide on how and where to get perk points in Myth of Empires. For more Myth of Empires content, check out the dedicated MoE Section Here. Do leave your doubts/thoughts in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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