Sniper Elite 5: How To Find Stolen Antiques In Occupied Residence

There are several interesting Missions in Sniper Elite 5 that require ingenuity and craft. Players will have to bury someone in concrete, use a rat bomb at an enemy, and even blast off buildings.

Each Mission has several objectives, most of them mandatory. However, a few optional objectives are fun and challenging which players can try. One such objective is finding three Stolen Antiques in Mission 2, titled ‘Occupied Residence.’ You will meet some of these antiques in the huge house, but finding all three of them can be a task.

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Therefore, certain things must be kept in mind while going for this objective. In that regard, the following guide will help players with the exact locations of all three Stolen Antiques so you will be able to recover them quickly. 

Sniper Elite 5 - Stolen Antiques

Sniper Elite 5: How to find Stolen Antiques

Group Statuette

The first stolen antique will be the Group Statuette as it’s called. It can be found inside a green chest, located on the third floor of the main building of the chateau. Here’s how players can access the room and the chest to grab the opening antique: 

  • Make your way through the chateau’s main gate, and go west when you land in the courtyard. 
  • You will find stairs that you have to go up to come to a door which will be your entry into the main building. 
  • Having found yourself in a hallway, head south and go up the stairs that are on the left at the end of the hallway. 
  • Keep going to the east at the top of the stairs and you will be inside a doorway. 
  • Take the first stairs on the right just behind the doorway, and then go into the first room to your right.
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You will find your green chest there. To open it, simply pick the lock and you will have your first stolen antique with you. 

Sniper Elite 5 - Green Chest

Old Man Statuette 

Having got the first antique, make your way down to the second floor. Go to the top of the stairs that lead to the first floor. Now players should enter Friedrich Kummler’s office which is nearby.

On the desk in the room, you will find a note which has the code for the safe that contains the second antique. Exit Kummler’s office and head west towards Abelard Moller’s office. Now, go north and through the first door that comes to your left. Keep going north, and you will come to a room with a bed inside.

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Players will come across a woman in a painting having white hair standing to the left of the bed. Interact with her and she will tell you the safe’s location which has the Old Man Statuette. 

Soldier Statuette

Now, onto the final statuette in Occupied Residence. You will have to exit the main building and head towards the small building that is located in the northeast. The building will have a Stone Eagle on its roof, with a sniper on the second floor. The sniper has the Soldier Statuette.

You will find an entrance underneath the cylindrical area of the building, that will be your way inside to confront the sniper. Take the Stolen Antiques from him and you will have completed the objective. 

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