Star Valor | Basic Farming Guide

In Star Valor, you can explore an open-world procedurally created galaxy where anything is possible while making your own decisions about your future.

I’ve written this guide to assist you in farming materials for your equipment or for sale to raise funds for larger ships. Become a miner, a merchant, a bounty hunter, a pirate, or a generalist. Start off small and work your way up, but remember that every action has a reaction.

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How To Farm In Star Valor


Scavenging shipwrecks is one of the simplest ways to acquire items for your ships or items to sell. This can supply you with everything, including rarities. They can then be sold after that.

Also provided are numerous energy cells and metal. When I needed anything, I found it to be inside of a wreck. Like a shield charger because when I first started out, my shield loaded really slowly, or a new, stronger weapon, etc. Spend points wisely in engineering.

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Trade between stations in a system using the trading index until you have enough money to buy some gold or platinum. Look for a system with two stations that can purchase both gold and platinum.

Move as much as you can to the mentioned system while seeking out gold and platinum. Every time a market update occurs, switch between those stations.

By doing this and not using mining, exploring, etc., you can fast reach levels 50 and 5m. The rest can then be paid for, including many dreads if you so choose.

Just return to the system and station trade once more whenever you are down to about 1 million to generate more money. Simply add more gold and platinum to the system to increase your profits.

I’m not very knowledgeable in trading, however, a trading computer is required. If the average price on the station you visited is 100 and you find a station where it is sold for 50, it would be a decent margin; this will display the average price on the station you visited. 


Once you’re in the game, you’ll need a better laser (it takes a long time to mine), so I recommend selling all of the things you produce if you don’t need the crystals.

The metal fills the cargo fairly quickly, thus for a large mining tour, if there isn’t a nearby station, I recommend destroying the metal instead of going for crystals, and investing points in the mine to gain extra supplies.

The only option that is time-effective is mining. Trading will give you a background benefit and can thwart your desired advancement. Combating pirates and other adversaries is not very effective.

The ideal plan would prioritize trading and mining first, followed by energy efficiency.

Once you get a few milks from mining, buy the flagship of your choice, respect your stats, and play any way you wish.

(Until you rapidly grow bored with the late game due to the terrible background perk system that prevents you from collecting every ship and piece of equipment in a single session.)

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Fighting (Marauder Outposts)

This isn’t easy at first due to overheating and little energy. I advise scavenging until you have a Claymore with four Rapid Heavy Lasers (red ones) mounted on the turrets (it makes it easy to hit targets).

This is my current configuration. If you’re lucky, you can snag an Ultra Beam Laser with about 400 DPS, at which point you become extremely powerful. With this build and power distribution, I can warp 7.5 parsecs, boost indefinitely, and shoot indefinitely.

I also have a mining laser and ultra laser on the very front, one rocket launcher on each side, and red lasers on the turrets. And use your tractor beam on them to make them sitting ducks so they die in a short amount of time.

I’ll give you this in exchange for fighting. This only functions well in the beginning. A jump gate leads to the red skull sector at the upper left of the starting sector.

Burst lasers should be equipped in all three of your valor slots before you pass through the jump gate, kill the sentinels, pass through the jump gate again, heal at the station, sell your things, and save. Repeat.

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Additional Notes

Alternatively, you might attempt a different tactic. When you are about level 1–5, perhaps scavenging or battling is ideal. However, around level 10, when you can put skill points into mining (mostly on surveying and the possibility of getting more rare metals).

Get a fast ship like the Eagle with three heavy mining lasers and a bunch of heatsinks, and you can travel through asteroid fields in 10 minutes and pick up a number of golds and silvers, giving you an easy 10k (dump all metal ores, obviously).

Additionally, I would invest in connections early on to optimize all trade gains and establish tight links with factions early on to benefit them afterward.

In order to maximize your experience from all of the enemies and scavenging points that you have been saving up until now, you can always reset your skill points and put them into combat and exploring after you become wealthy (100k or so to buy a class 5 ship) with mining and relationship (clearing missions) around level 15–20.

With your class 5 Claymore, you will be unbeatable. That’s kind of what I’ve done, and it’s been successful.

In higher sectors, you acquire superior ships. One of the greatest is the Claymore, which has a high top speed but requires an inertial nullifier to prevent excessive drifting.

I’ve discovered that in this game, equipment often takes priority over ships. This is why I believe that salvaging abilities are significantly more crucial than mining or trade.

Money is useless if you can never afford the equipment you really need and want (especially pink), and sailing in areas with higher risk requires having a ship with inadequate equipment. The only significant challenge I faced was initially locating the ship I want (Dorothy).

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