Dinkum: How To Find And Open Shiny Stones

Players have to build towns and communities from scratch in Dinkum which has really brought out the entrepreneurial spirit in players You will need all sorts of materials for the same with shiny stones being a major one.

Apart from the resources like copper, cement, tin, and more, which are gotten through tools, players will also have to hunt, fish, farm, and mine.

Therefore, shiny stones are an important part of the game when they are opened and used well. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to get shiny stones and how to get them. 

Dinkum - Shiny Stone

Dinkum: Finding shiny stones

Firstly, players will have to have the Shop Deed and a Mining License.

  • You will have to talk with Fletch in the Base Tent, who is the leader of all licenses and renovations in the game.
  • However, players will also have to a good rapport with shop owner John, who will sell you items after you have received a Mining License.
  • Additionally, you can also exchange Permit Points for licenses, having gotten through completing jobs for citizens of the island.
  • Once you have the Mining License, buy a pickaxe or hammer. Now comes the hard part. Shiny stones are present inside random rocks strewn all across the island.

Therefore, you will need to keep chipping away at them whenever you come across rocks. There are many rocks present in the real Mines, but you will need a Deep Mining License to go inside.

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The desert has the most number of rocks, which you will need to strike in order to crack them and get the shiny stones inside. Additionally, bring something for food as your stamina will get low after working hard at breaking rocks. 

Dinkum - Opening Shiny Stone

Dinkum: Opening the stones

Once players have the shiny stones, you will get to know that they have something good inside. However, you cannot open them by yourself. Here’s how to get the items inside:

  • Players will need to buy a Stone Grinder from John. It will cost 10,000 Dinks. You can sell off copper or tin ores in order to make up the amount, alongside using a furnace to turn them into bars which fetch more Dinks. 
  • After getting the Stone Grinder, simply place the stones inside by right-clicking one by one.
  • They can have a multitude of things inside like copper, tin, and even opal, which is a rare item that sells for a lot of Dinks. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about finding and opening shiny stones in Dinkum. It is definitely a laborious process, but something is well-rewarding once you get the hang of it. 

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

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