Stray: Finding All Vending Machines In The Slums (Chapter 4)

Fans of the cat-centric new puzzle-solving, mystery-deciphering game are loving Stray. You are Clementine and are trying to reconnect with your family in an unknown city.

Players have to decipher clues and interact with several characters in order to progress through levels. Chapter 4 is titled ‘Slums,’ where you will come across Azooz, who will sell you rare items in exchange for Energy Drinks.

Two items cost four Energy Drinks which can be gotten from Vending Machines. In this regard, the following guide will help players in finding all four Vending Machines in the Slums for the same. 

Stray - Azooz

Stray: What are the machines?

As mentioned above, there are four Vending Machines that will dispense one Energy Drink each. The locations of each are different, meaning you will have to roam all around the Slums in order to find them.

You will need no currency to take the Energy Drinks from the machines, as Clementine can simply interact with the machine and the cans will drop.

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However, players should keep in mind that the Slums location is only available in Chapters 4 and 6. Therefore, make sure to collect the Energy Drinks in these two Chapters itself. 

Stray: How to find Vending Machines

The first Vending Machine can be found down the stairs after going left of the Guardian, the red-caped figure at the entrance of the Slums.

Keep an eye out for the light display, which will indicate if the machine is working or not. If the lights are out, that means there is no Energy Drink to dispense right then. 

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Stray - Vending Machines Energy Drinks

The second Vending Machine is down the end of the alleyway where you encountered the Guardian. After reaching the first, return up the stairs and onto the back streets.

You will come across two robots covered in blankets. Now, turn right, then left, and then right again, where you will notice a stairway that goes straight to the Vending Machine.

Having taken the Energy Drink, move back to the alley that houses the Designer Grandmother robot before jumping over to the rooftop close-by. Once up there, cross the canopy to the other side and there you will spot a Vending Machine, nestled in a little balcony below. 

Now, coming to the last machine, move upwards until you reach the top of the canopy. Keep to the area below the TV and left where you will come face-to-face with the final Vending Machine.

Once you have all the four Energy Drinks, you can return to meet Azooz and buy a B-12 Memory alongside a piece of Sheet Music. You can take the music sheet to Morusque, the guitar player, and he will play you a song. 

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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