Stray: How To Switch On Computers In Chapter 3

The fun adventures of a cat in an unknown cat are pulling at the heartstrings of players in Stray. You are an orange cat who wants to get back with your family. Players will have to solve puzzles and navigate through challenges in order to achieve the feat.

You will be helped by B-12, a floating drone companion. However, in order to unlock him, you will need to turn on a computer. The following guide will help players in navigating the computer and unlocking B-12 for all future quests. 

Stray - Computers Room

Stray: Going into Chapter 3

The third Chapter of the game, The Flat, contains the mission that will need players to enter the building through an open window. After navigating around, you will find a computer that reads “Need. Help…”

Of course, you are a cat so you cannot type anything like humans which make sense. However, you will be able to key in a number of odd vowels and consonants as your attempts to get the response from the computer.

Once you are  done walking all over the keyboard, the computer screen will now read, “Enter the door. Turn on. Find a body.” Simultaneously, there will be a door that opens from which you will have to enter.

After entering, the door closes, and now you will have to solve a puzzle in order to escape. There’s many computers here that players will have to switch on before leaving. The way to achieve this is following a number of steps that involves some tasks and moving around. 

Stray - Plugging Sockets

Stray: Escaping the computer room

Now comes the real task as players have to look for four power units and plug them in at various points. This will in turn switch on computers one after the other.

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You will notice four power sockets at ground level which will take the four plugs one by one. Therefore, make sure to grab the units respectively before plugging them in. Here’s where each of them can be found in the room: 

  • In the centre of the room, plugged into the main console. 
  • Carry a wooden stool in order to climb onto the shelves and find another. 
  • There is a sliding device on the wall at the back side, where there’s a lever which will also shift a device across the wall. 
  • You will jump onto the computer which recently moved and go the corner shelves, just below the security camera. 

Now that you have connected all of them, there will be the sensation of all the computers being on. Thus, it is time to exit the room via a secret, hidden passage behind a bookcase.

You will have to go to the top of the shelf and knock a box down. Pick up an item from inside, go the computers and place it in the scanner. Once you do it, you will be unlocking B-12, your companion for the game. 

Here you go, all the information players need to make B-12 your buddy. The game will require your knowledge and perseverance as you navigate by being a cat. Help is there, but be wary of the dangers too. 

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

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