Stray: How To Open Locked Safe In The Slums (Chapter 4)

The interactive puzzle game Stray is really turning heads with its neat gameplay and unique taste. Playing as Clementine, the cat, you have to figure out several obstacles and riddles as you search for your family in the big, bad city.

One of the more interesting brain teasers is present in Chapter 4, titled ‘Slums.’ You will have to open a locked safe present in the area, which will propel you to the next step of your mission.

The following guide will help players in locating the safe in the Slums and figuring out how to open it in the game. 

Stray - Locked Safe

Stray: Where is the locked item?

Players will enter the Slums after finishing off Chapter 3 (The Flat), and will soon come across a garage that has meditating robots inside it.

Keep moving along the alleyway that goes down in a sloping, ramp-like manner. Players will find the safe at the end of the alleyway, to their left. Once you finish observing it all over, you will come across a pink note, which cannot be read.

This is when your trusted companion B-12, whom you unlocked in the previous chapter, will tell you that the language is binary. Therefore, you have to meet up with someone who knows binary in the Slums.

However, all of the robots will let the player know that “only a real geek can read this,” which will of course point you to a specific direction.

Take the note along, and you have to make your way to Elliot Programming, where the answer lies, before finding the password within Dufer Bar and venturing back to the safe. 

Stray: How to open the safe?

As mentioned above, the first move to make after taking the note is go to Elliot Programming. You will be able to navigate to the area through the street signs as they are close to where you encountered the meditating robots.

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Once you are at the garage, find the stairs nearby and go down. After reaching the bottom, go left, and there is a street sign lighted up with a lamp.

Stray - Dufer Bar

The building just behind this is Elliott Programming with a red door. As you interact with it, the door will open up and you will be led upstairs to meet Elliott. After he deciphers it, you will know to visit Dufer Bar. 

The best way to go to the bar is by using the blue curtain behind Elliot’s room. Dufer Bar is right there, which has a door with a big neon sign on top.

Once inside, you will see a wall with a neon sign reading “Dufer Bar,” and picture of a palm tree on a beach. After interacting with it, the picture will drop, revealing the secret code 1-2-8-3.

Now, you have to go back to the safe and punch in the code. You will receive sheet music that you can take to Morusque the musician, who will play a song for Clementine. Furthermore, there is a set of pillows too where you can sleep for a while. 

Thus, that is all you need to know about opening the secret safe. There are a few steps that could make it a daunting challenge, but once you know how to approach it, you are all set to succeed. 

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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