Dinkum | How To Catch Fish/Birds/Farm/Trap Animals

In this guide, I will give you a brief description of how to do anything in the game Dinkum. You will get to know about a lot of fun stuff like how to catch fish, how to trap animals, how to grow trees and lots more.

Dinkum though being an indie game has become intensely popular within a very short time. It has a good player base and lots of rave reviews. Check out my guide below and leave your thoughts.


The Ultimate How To’s Guide For Dinkum

How To Catch Fish

Welcome to this Dinkum Guide. First let’s talk about fishing in the game, catching lobsters, crabs, and other seafood, as well as information about the risks associated with fishing alone. Now that you have the previously mentioned information, let’s move on to the guide.

  • You can purchase a fishing rod at John’s tent or store after receiving a fishing license from Fletch.
  • Go to the nearest body of water and start fishing.
  • You can cast your line a short distance by just left-clicking, or you can hold down the key to “charge” it and toss it farther.

Then, when you cast it near a fish, the fish may swim toward it and at first nibble at it; however, when you see and hear the water splashing, you left-click to begin the mini-game.

At first, don’t do anything; instead, wait for the fish to calm down before beginning to reel it in when the splashing stops. 

  • If it begins to swim away once more, STOP reeling it in once more and repeat the previous steps until you have captured it.
  • These days, you might also spot some lobsters or other animals on the bottom of rivers, for instance.
  • In that case, jump into the water, press E to DIVE, and swim toward the animal.

It’s genuinely that easy. To pick it up, right-click and then drag. However, when doing any of this, take precautions for crocodiles and sharks. Crocodiles can go on land, making them more dangerous, and for sharks, just make sure you only walk on land or in shallow water. DON’T swim in the deep ocean.

How To Farm, Raise Animals & Grow Fruit Trees

Once you have gotten the previously mentioned licenses from Fletch, you must acquire a few additional items in order to begin building a decent farm. For crops, you must purchase a hoe, a watering bucket, and some seeds from the NPC Rayne.

  • Irwin is required for raising your first animal and for purchasing feed and a feeding dish.
  • Let’s start with the farm fields.
  • After obtaining the necessary supplies from Rayne and obtaining a farming license, you can use a hoe to tilt the soil one piece at a time, sow seeds by right-clicking them into the ground, and then make sure to water the plants each day after that with a watering can that can be easily refilled by a river or other body of water.

It could be a good idea to surround it with a fence as well to stop wild animals from ruining your crops. For that, I think you need a landscaping license.

In order to raise animals, you must build a bird coop for your first batch of chicks, obtain a handling permit, and purchase an animal feeder and animal food.

  • Place the Feeder there as well, and make sure to fill the feeder with food each day.
  • Place the Coop in a pleasant spot that is enclosed by fences (you will need a landscaping license for this).
  • (TIP: If you set more than one feeder for a single animal, it can eat for several days without needing to be refilled.)
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Lastly, always “pet” your chicks; I’m not sure if this is crucial, but why not? This is the last step in rearing your first flock of chicks.

Instead, let’s discuss another activity for today’s guide, creating an orchard. This is a really easy task; all you need is a shovel with an excavation license and some wild fruits. 

  • So, all you have to do to start your orchard, or if you just want to plant some gum nut trees, is to make a hole in the ground, drop the nut, seed, or fruit into it, and then cover it with dirt.
  • This will provide you with a sample that will develop into a tree and provide you with all the timber or fruit you require!

How To Trap Animals

You must first get Fletch to give you a “Trappers License.” (You obtain this by beating the game and obtaining the license.) The second step is to construct the trap or traps in the workbench. Next, fight the animal you’re trying to catch, deplete its health, and then lure it to the trap by training it to run up onto it.

  • If their health is not sufficiently low, the beast may end up attacking you.
  • Additionally, certain animals flee from you when their health is low; go after them and set a trap in front of them.
  • This, my people is how you capture animals.
  • I’ve tried to trap them with meat and fruit and left it alone for days, but nothing occurred, then I came up with a solution that worked.

I once caught a magpie with meat, although I believe it was just a chance that it landed on the trap. A cockatoo absolutely refused to light where I wanted it to when I attempted the same with it.

Animals can wander into the traps but they can also destroy them, therefore this proves that they can also evade traps (it takes a long time so I would suggest my method if you want it to be quicker).

  • I couldn’t believe how many times I kited hostile creatures to my base to capture them before I figured this out, but you can make it incredibly simple without having to reduce their health by simply constructing a drop-off point near the target.

Drop/Set the trap a few squares in front of your drop site, aggro the creature, kite it there, then swiftly drop it there before it escapes. Make them take two hits before kiting them to your trap because their lesser health makes it hit 100% of the time. 

How To Catch Birds 

I figured out how to catch birds quickly! A torch is necessary first. Once John becomes a resident, it is sold there.

Wait until nighttime. Find a bird, then shock it with the torch! If it was successful, you would hear a flash, see stars circling the bird’s head, and hear it hopefully plummet to the ground. 

  • Put the cage and the bird right next to each other in your tool belt so you can quickly swap between them and cage the bird. 
  • Pick up the bird and use it however you choose.


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