PowerWash Simulator: How To Buy And Equip Gloves

The rise in popularity of PowerWash Simulator has a lot to do with the game’s overall quality. Not only in terms of the gameplay, but it is also extremely pleasing to the eyes.

The overall feel of traversing through the various missions, doing some cleaning, and earning money. Who would not want after a long, hard day? There is no hard stuff or big puzzles. Therefore, every aspect of the game gets even more significance.

This is where your gloves come in. As they are on the screen almost all the time, it is important you have chosen a nice pair. The following guide will help players in selecting the right gloves and how to change them in the game. 

PowerWash Simulator - Yellow Gloves

PowerWash Simulator: Buying the new gear

Players will be seeing their gloves most of the time in the game as you clean everything with your hands only. Therefore, the right selection of gloves will have a great effect in your overall desire to complete a task.

You have the right to design the whole outfit of your character in the game, and gloves are the most important part of it all. Players will be fitted with the default yellow rubber gloves to begin the game, but you will get bored with them soon enough.

That is where buying a new pair comes in. Players have to open up the main menu, and navigate to the ‘Shop’ section. It is the orange icon with a basket containing a dollar inside.

This is where you can customize your attire fully. Go to ‘Clothing’ and you will see a whole list of gloves along with their price, colours, and names. Players can simply buy one they like according to the money they have and want to spend

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PowerWash Simulator - Gloves

PowerWash Simulator: Fitting the gloves

Having purchased your desired gloves, it is time to equip them for future missions. Players will have to click on the icon present on the lower left of the screen.

It is the same option that opens the ‘Equipment’ menu from where you will change power washers, fiddling between the options. However, this time, players will switch to the right-hand tab which reads ‘Clothing.’

Here you will find two options to choose from: ‘Outfit’ and ‘Gloves.’ Go to latter and simply choose the pair you want to put on. That will be set as your choice from the next mission. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about buying and equipping new gloves in the game. Given the nature of the game, these small details will only enhance the overall gameplay. Therefore, make sure to have the ones that best suit you!

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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