The Last Spell | Best Build Order Guide

This guide will help you understand the best build order starting from the first night itself in the game The Last Spell. Having a correct build order is of utmost importance if you want to breeze through this game.

Having the right build order will ensure your long-term survival. So take note of these valuable tips and you will feel that this is a piece of cake for you.

Best Build Order Guide For The Last Spell

I will start by writing about what you need to do from the first night itself. So just keep calm and read this through.

The First Night

Use all your workers to clear for gold focus once you get past the first night. Just keep building houses and repeat this process. You can finish off building all the houses on the first night itself if you sell off a piece or two of the equipment which is hardly an issue.

Best if you could unlock some upgrades here. No need to build defenses because a single wave is easily held off by your heroes.

Second And Third Night

Now that you already have your houses built, clear as many buildings as possible with the help of gold focus. Build Gold Mines to boost your gold production.

You can opt to boost one of your gold mines to give you maximum production as long as you can. A single gold mine boosted to max level will give you 110 gold each day which is quite the produce!

Once again you need not build any defenses for the second night because the attack wave is still single.

On night 3, get bonus uses on your upgraded mine, and using gold focus clear all remaining buildings still standing. Use workers on the upgraded mine to get a return on the gold.

Also to get bonus materials, build 3 Scavenger camps. You should upgrade these camps and your gold mines on the third night to boost production as much as possible.

No need to do anything about the side that has 2 heroes. However, you can put up some wooden walls here to slow down the runners.

The lane that holds the best AOE clearing hero should be closed off with one space open. Use basic or upgraded wooden walls here. To help with the runners I would recommend you use 2 or 3 Balistas with their LOS upgrades on this lane.

Fourth Night

Focus on upgrading your gold mines first because these will pay off dividends in the short run. Always use your workers first to upgrade gold mines until you max them out.

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Once you are through doing this use the gold production to upgrade the Scavengers to help boost material production.

Focus on building simple defenses and LOS-upgraded Balistas to ward off enemies in enemy-prone lanes. If you are lucky you will get repeated enemy waves from the same areas.

Night Five Onwards

After maxing out your gold mines and scavengers your next focus should be on upgrading Houses. At this point, I would recommend you to go to the Inn.

This building helps you get the fourth hero of the game and can be upgraded to give more heroes. Having 4 to 6 heroes will ease up the game for you.

If you are taking a lot of damage then go for the Shrine or you can also build a Mana Well to supply mana, depending upon your needs. If you need more gear then you can build gear buildings.

Seer is also quite amazing, though it takes 3 builders. It can help you detect threats by pushing off the Mist. It will also protect you against Boomers.

A special mention here is the Balista. You should build a wall of Baristas and keep them ready. Always build them with one space in between to prevent damage from Lancers/Boomers.

Build as many as you can and use your gold to upgrade them as fast as possible. The upgraded ones can shoot 2 targets at a time. They can easily clear hordes of enemies beside your walls and protect them from damage.

I recommend you to build Watchtowers also as LOS may be a problem once you reach the level of stone walls. And if you can spare the materials, having Teleporters is not a very bad idea.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that I hope this helped you get some basic idea about the mechanics of The Last Spell and I hope you are having fun with the game.

I think it is easily one of the best releases in 2021 so far and if the devs stick to it and maybe if they add mod support, it has the potential to be one of the best games that will stick with us for years.

Write to us with anything you might wish to share. I hope I find you all in good health and good spirits! Take care and goodbye for now!

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

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