The Outlast Trials: How To Find All Items And Their Uses 

Players who have dived into The Outlast Trials have encountered several items of various uses. They come in different sizes and can be classified into common or uncommon depending upon the dimensions.

You will also find some rare items that are of immense help as you go deeper into the game. In that regard, the following guide will help players learn about the objects and items present. 

The Outlast Trials: How to find all items and their uses 

Small Items

The smaller items will not make a hit on your stamina and speed. You can even throw a few of them at enemies that will stun them, but the effects will differ depending on the enemy.

Lockpick will also unlock closed boxes and containers that turn out to be first aid equipment.

The Outlast Trials - Lockpick

It is a common item so players can get it anywhere. Antidote will help you regain your sanity and is present in several places, including first-aid boxes, since it is a standard item. 

The Outlast Trials - Antidote

The heart is an item that can be thrown at enemies and is most helpful for completing the objectives of the Fun Park map. Rig Recharger will return your rig to the full charger after using it.

The Outlast Trials - Rig Charger

A unique item that is located within toolboxes and lying on the ground. When it comes to more things that can be thrown, Brick or Bottle will stun enemies while not having enemies find the sound. This is an everyday item that is found everywhere except toolboxes or first-aid kits. Some items’ rarity depends on whether they are small or large.

This is the case for Battery, one of the most crucial items since they recharge your night-vision goggles.

The Outlast Trials - Small Battery

While the small ones are available in toolboxes and on the ground, randomly being the common item, the large and uncommon Battery is stored within locked toolboxes.

The Outlast Trials - Large Battery

 Another example of the same kind is the Medicine that is available in first-aid kits (small, common) and locked first-aid kits (large, uncommon). 

The Outlast Trials - Small medicine

While playing co-op, one of the most important items for you and your team members will be the Syringe.

The Outlast Trials - Big medicine

This is crucial in players reviving other dead players only and cannot be used if you want to stop players from bleeding out. Needless to say, Syringes are uncommon and only get through breaking glass boxes hanging on walls. 

The Outlast Trials - Syringe

When fighting enemies in tight spots, it would be helpful to have Adrenaline with you, giving you unlimited stamina and quicker movement for some time. It is a common item and is located anywhere around. 

The Outlast Trials - Adrenaline

Small Items that are not stored

Some small items will not be present in your Inventory despite you collecting them. Once again, no impact on speed or stamina. Players would be familiar with both if they were part of the “Kill the Snitch” Trial.

The first are keys that unlock gates and are present within human corpses that are marked. The second are posters that are not important for finishing the mission but will give you more XP and money along with an A+ rating.

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Large Items

These cannot be kept in your Inventory either and will reduce your speed and stamina. Most of the items you will need during Missions apart from the Boxes you will get in the tutorial. These have your personal and public information, so you must shred them in the shredder. 

The other three items are Gasoline, required for refilling generators, Mannequin Children who belong to Mother Gooseberry and have to be shredded in the farmhouse of the Fun Park map, and Bleach, which is needed to make the food for the children of the Orphanage map. 

Secret Items

The rarest items can be of any size and may or may not be taking up space in your Inventory. The main area for these items is the Gift Room, where several things will hugely benefit players. It can be unlocked by pressing two buttons on the same level together simultaneously.

The Outlast Trials - Gift Room

If you go solo in the game, players must press the two buttons within a definite period. 

The places where you will find the two buttons are divided up by maps: 

Police Station: The two places are the basement’s laundry room and the interrogation room

The Outlast Trials - Gift Room Button

Fun Park: In the darkened room behind the maiden obstacle of the Root Canal and underneath the staircase of the Root Canal

Orphanage: In the small house to the left side of Jesus and the left again of Class 4 in the bathroom

Battery Booster will enhance the battery power of your night-vision goggles and is present within the Gift Room.

The Outlast Trials - Battery Booster

It belongs in your Inventory. Another item of great help is the Master Key, which is the ultimate object to unlock any doors or gates.

The Outlast Trials - Master Key

Players across both modes can use this extensively in your Inventory. One item that is not part of the Gift Room is the Evidence that will tell you more about the prevailing conditions of the game and is found in exact places. 

The Outlast Trials - Evidence

Health Booster will enhance players’ maximum health and remain in your Inventory.

The Outlast Trials - Health Booster

Conversely, Energy Booster will elevate your stamina and energy as you play the game. It is also available in the Gift Room. 

The Outlast Trials - Energy Booster

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the various items in The Outlast Trials. They all have critical roles to play in the player’s journey, so use them wisely and be ready to complete the missions. 

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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