The Outlast Trials: How to change Field Of View (FOV) And All Details About Maps

The release of The Outlast Trials in Early Access has been met with positive reviews from fans and players alike. The game has been published by Red Barrels and represents the third game in the series but acts as the prequel to the previous two games. You will be completing a series of tasks throughout the game but not many weapons.

Your best friend will be the night-vision goggles and being as stealthy as possible. That is why players must adjust their settings, especially the Field of View (FOV). 

The Outlast Trials: How to Change Field Of View (FOV)

Players must look for the configuration files by hitting Windows + R together. It will have the Run menu pop up where you have to type in “%localappdata%” and bring you to the directory for the local appdata.

Head over to the “AppData\Local\OPP\Saved\Config\WindowsClient” and this is the main config files repository. Players have to now edit the Game.ini file. Once you have it, players have to type in the following 

The Outlast Trials - Gameplay FOV

  • [/script/opp.rbsettings_gameplay]
  • DefaultFOV=110.000000
  • AimingFOV=110.000000

The value of the number is what you want for the Field of View (FOV), and it is set at 90.0 by default. After you change it to the best one for your vision, make sure you remember to save the file and then restart the game again. Players would now be experiencing the updated Field of View (FOV). 

The Outlast Trials: All the details about the Maps, Trials, and Programs 

Players will have the chance to immerse themselves in the game alone or through co-op gameplay. The latter has several benefits, including banging doors together to unlock them, trading items among yourselves, helping others when members around you jump, and even rescuing your teammates before NPCs take them down.

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The developers have included three different kinds of environments. The introduction of Murkoff Programs that are broken down into Trials and MK-Challenges. You will receive prizes, progress to newer challenges, and get more unique Programs through them.

The last of them is Program X which comes after completing all the previous ones, where you will have different kinds of challenges. Trials are divided into Police Station, Fun Park, and Orphanage. 

The Outlast Trials - Orphanage

  • Police Station: Program 1 has the surroundings of a Police Station. The main asset here is Coyle with the “Kill the Snitch” trial, along with unique MK challenges.
  • Fun Park: It is where Program 2 is set. Gooseberry is the significant asset here, with other Trials and MK-Challenges. 
  • Orphanage: Gooseberry is the Prime Asset here with the Orphanage place. 

Players will also encounter Trial Variators, which change different parts of a Trial as you go through them with a Program. The list is visible to players when they choose a Program or Trial and click on ESC to get the Menu from within a Trial.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when tackling the various maps with your improved Field of View (FOV). It is a crucial part of the overall experience that players will no doubt want to enhance as much as possible. 

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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