The Quarry: How To Play In Multiplayer Mode

The horror genre is really on a roll in 2022. After the releases of Evil Dead: The Game and V Rising, the newest addition is already upon us. The Quarry, developed and marketed by Supermassive Games is making the rounds of late.

It can be termed as the sequel to the developers’ earlier game, Until Dawn, and there is one noticeable connection. The Quarry has brought back Multiplayer gameplay with some exciting features mixed with everyone’s favourites.

Therefore, the following guide will tell players everything they need to know about The Quarry’s multiplayer mode and how to play co-op.

The Quarry

The Quarry: What is the Multiplayer mode?

The game features several new faces on its characters list, including David Arquette. Given the vast amount of choices available to players, getting on the local co-op scene is a must.

There can be a total of eight maximum characters joining in during one session. You do not need to have all eight controllers, but the player hosting the game can do the allocation on his own. Eight people can participate, meaning when each character shows up, the host can give the specific characters to their friends however they wish to play.

Thus, each player will gain control of a unique character. Furthermore, if there are less than eight players playing, then you can even have multiple characters to control and play with in The Quarry.

As they say, the more the merrier. Players who have not played Until Dawn should not hesitate in going for The Quarry, given the connection is not too deep. You can enjoy this separate story as a standalone game and make the best out of it as you progress. Therefore, make sure to give it a go with all your friends. 

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The Quarry - Multiplayer Mode

The Quarry: Diving into the local co-op

There is a reason why we are solely focusing on local co-op for now. That is because The Quarry has not launched its online multiplayer option yet. It will be made available worldwide from July 8, meaning players will only have to wait for a bit more than three weeks.

The decision to delay the release of the online multiplayer was to get the game settled in with players in the short term, before a new feature drops.

Nevertheless, the local co-op is a ton of fun to play and is extremely interesting once you get the hang of it. Each player will be in full control of their character’s story arc, meaning all the events that happen will elicit different responses. You will have to make consequential choices that are sometimes matters of life or death.

Unfortunately, once your character dies, players will not be able to do much in the game, other than spectate for a bit and wait for a new game to begin. So, make sure you last in the game for as long as possible through your decisions. The impact of your choices will keep affecting the storyline, meaning you will be able to see how things turn out. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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