Hydroneer 2.0: Guide To Using New Conveyor Belts

The mining sandbox genre has seen a marked rise in interest since Minecraft blew up. One of the latest offerings in that line has been Hydroneer 2.0. The game has been a hit amongst gamers, with several praising its updates and new styles from the previous edition.

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Moreover, Hydroneer 2.0 also has new locations, with players having many resources and crafting materials while keeping the basics refined. Therefore, players can understandably become confused about how to best go about their business.

Not to worry, a simple guide is on the way which will help you use conveyor belts, given they are unattached to pipes now. 

Hydroneer 2.0: Guide to operating new conveyor belts

The first thing players realize is that conveyor belts do not come with pipes anymore. Therefore, a simple way to set up the conveyor belts is to link them up with the water system. Players can do the same to get a feel of how the game works in this regard.

The following can be done easily by players, no matter how far they have reached in the game: 

  • The type of pipes does not matter, whether it be metal or clouding. 
  • Make sure you are aware of the directions in which your pipes are pointed toward. That will also save you the cost of duplicate pipes later on and make your current job a lot easier. 
  • Connect the conveyor belts with the pipes.
  • Point both of them in the same direction i.e. the direction of the water. You will be helped here by a green arrow, indicating which direction you should follow to make the right decisions. 
  • Do not fret if the pipes are towards one way while the conveyor belts are on the other. This is because the main important thing is the pair of them are touching together. 
  • However, you have to remember to have a pipe between the two, to help place the conveyor belts. 
  • Another helpful option will be using the valves, which can change the pipes’ directions. This in turn will hand you more control over when and where the incoming water is stopped. It will have a marked impact on how the conveyor belts function as a whole. 
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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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