Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Ars Gouda Relic

The newest patch update for Vampire Survivors has brought on loads of new fans who are loving the fan. Battling vampires and getting to the different levels after survival also feels better with loads of new items.

The game has several maps, objects, and quests for players to have the best time. One of the key items is the Ars Gouda Relic.

It helps players in accessing the Bestiary, where you can see the number of enemies defeater per type in your save file from the main menu. The following guide will help players in finding out all about the relic and how to unlock it. 

Vampire Survivors - Ars Gouda Relic

Vampire Survivors: What is the Relic?

Whenever players unlock a relic, they get access to a whole new game mechanic. You can choose among them before the start of every level, at the time of selection of map.

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The game has a total of 10 Relics, with Ars Gouda being one of two that is located in the Dairy Plant map. There is an obvious connection between Gouda (cheese), and of course, the location from where it is recovered.

Nevertheless, it is an important Relic which will tell players all about the monsters you meet and eliminate as you progress in the game. However, it is not mandatory to go after the Ars Gouda Relic in order to complete the game, get secret characters or discover hidden levels. It can be a nice addition if you are looking to finish the game 100% and get some in-depth information on your game levels. 

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Vampire Survivors Bestiary

Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Ars Gouda Relic?

The Dairy Plant is the third normal level in the game, which players will unlock after reaching Level 40 through the Inlaid Library. You should be focused on finding a passive object that raises Greed by 10% per 10, which is the Stone Mask.

Level 40 is no easy feat, so players have to keep on gathering experiences, alongside items and weapons which give Growth as their bonus. Imelda should be a solid starting character in this regard. 

If you have unlocked the Dairy Plant, follow the green arrow that shows up. These arrows help in finding undiscovered relics. The Ars Goud Relic is to the far south of where you initially start.

As usual, once you take it, it will be gone from the map. Having collected the Ars Gouda relic, make sure to also pick up the Milky Way Map present in the Dairy Plant too. This will help in enabling the map in the pause menu and show places of other stage items. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about unlocking the Ars Gouda Relic. It will be a nice addition to the gameplay, and players can use it to track the progress they have made in defeating the enemies so far. 

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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