Video Horror Society | Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

The idea that this game is teen-oriented and that monsters are tormented in every game is one that many new players make as soon as they join Video Horror Society.

This couldn’t be further from the truth; all you need to do is alter your perspective. The greatest distinction between this game and Dead By Daylight is that in this ASYM,  the monster and the teens are fighting instead of the monster mowing down the teens.

These are some pointers and tips that I personally found useful during the VHS closed beta.


Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Video Horror Society 

Beginner Tips

Evading A Killer

There is a very brief fade timer on your “Blood markings” effect. Don’t let it stop you from hiding because, while it may vary, most killers won’t be able to see it.

When a killer strikes you, running a short distance and then starting to walk away from the killer to a safe corner or behind a door gives you, your best chance of evading the pursuit. If you don’t change floors while running, the Killer will hear you virtually constantly and be able to determine where you are.

In various places of the game, changing floors break audio occlusion, muzzling your footsteps.

While Crafting

When you’re crafting something, as soon as you hear the killer’s terror radius, you will be hard working.

Jumping off the workbench to craft as soon as you hear even the smallest amount of music, maybe all it takes to give you the extra life you need, to win the game or avoid being pursued. Heck, they might not even be aware of your presence.

Using Stigmas

The key to winning the game is generally sticking with your squad, effective communication, or even just solid pings. Try to spread out the use of stigmas on your team, if you can afford to.

A team with a ready load-out of Fire, Holy, and Cursed stigmas performs better than one with three Shock stigmas. Basically, maintain a colorful load-out at the ready, unless it would be the killer’s final stigma.

More of Evading Killer

The penis-tech from Dead by Daylight, which involves hiding beneath the attacker’s feet, can occasionally be all you need to avoid being pursued by them after being hit by the killer.

Running and then maneuvering around obstacles can sometimes be all it takes to get away from a killer during a chase, as most turn to sound or game knowledge when they cannot see the survivor.

Try to keep in mind that not everyone will play or experience things the same way you do, and you should learn not to anticipate it to be that way. In voice chat, some people won’t pay attention as well, whether it’s because they’re inexperienced or because they simply don’t share your opinions or approach.

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Learn to collaborate with other players and adjust to them. In the end, neither you nor they can succeed without the other. Be sure to enjoy yourself. 

Teenager & Monster Tips and Tricks

Planning For Enemies

Many monsters play the game as though it were DBD; they only need to run into a teen to escape punishment.

This is untrue; keep in mind that teenagers frequently seek out other teenagers with firearms when planning an ambush.

You should utilize your character’s defensive abilities to push a teen’s weapon if one is there. It’s his armor for W.A.R.T., her howl for Werewolf, and either pushing with a doll or teleporting away and attacking with a doll for Doll Master.

Ambush Tips

Keep in mind where the ambush is coming from. The Courtyard in Hotels and High Schools, as well as the Lobby or Test Chamber in Facilities, are some of the many locations in the three current maps that are quite simple to set up and conduct an ambush.

If you know other teenagers have had ample time to build weapons, always use caution while accompanying a kid into these locations. (There are a few exceptions, but generally, weapons may be crafted in 35–42 seconds.)

Not Over Until It Is

There is still time for the game to end. I’ve had plenty of instances where I’ve had a bad start and recovered to win.

The flow of the game might quickly change with this one. Just play cautiously as you lose stigmas. It just takes a small error to tip the game in either side’s favor.

DON’T GO OVERBOARD. This game is all about game sense and decision-making, knowing when you can push and knowing when you need to play defensive.

Most of the time, when you take a charge mid-chase, you overextend and get punished for it.


When they have a weapon, the game very much IS teen-sided in that sense. Because that is how things SHOULD be. Try to frighten them by catching them unaware (or, failing that, powerless). A cat and mouse game that is more Tom and Jerry than realistic (the-cat-toys-with-the-mouse-will-wreck-you for-underestimating-them).

Further advice: Almost every weapon has a potent evasion/counter (even if someone is trying to force them to waste ammo while you run and cover). Learn them so you can react more effectively if a teenager sees you holding one. You are not necessarily lost just because they are armed!

Many people initially believe that this game is geared toward teenagers, but they refuse to improve and instead just stop playing.

Hopefully, these tips can help you. You merely need to comprehend how the power balance operates to play what I consider to be the finest balanced asymmetrical game currently available. Good luck in your upcoming contests and I’ll see you in the Afterlife!

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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