Vox Machinae | Complete Weapons Guide

In this guide, I’ll go through all of the weapons and give some tips on how to utilize them. Strap yourself into the cockpit of a robot seven times taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex and prepare to do battle in Vox Machinae: the ultimate giant robot combat action-simulator for both VR and standard screens. Check this guide out to know about a complete weapons guide in Vox Machinae. 

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Complete Weapons Guide For Vox Machinae


Because the Minigun can hit foes all around the map, it’s ideal for harassing. They’re small, but they generate a small amount of heat. Because bullets spread out as they travel, fewer bullets will impact distant targets, allowing them to be more effective at shorter ranges.


The Cannon is extremely heat efficient, but it fires slowly and is difficult to aim at distant or fast-moving targets. It can, however, travel a long distance and can devastate foes who are standing still chevaliers. When it connects, it also has a little explosive area of effect.


Lasers have a short-range and are best used up close. As the adversary moves further away, they deal less damage. Check out the links below for a guide on reading your cross-hairs if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to determine the range of weapons.

Lasers now emit a lot of heat but only cause damage for the time they’re focused on a target. They’re great at chopping off opponent limbs, and even when you’re outmatched, chopping off an enemy’s strongest weapon can determine who wins the fight.


The Scatter Shot functions similarly to a shotgun and is particularly effective at close range, so make your bullets count!


The Pulsar is regarded as the game’s worst weapon and is rarely utilized. When it connects, it does cause a modest area of effect damage.


The Railgun is a sharpshooter with penetrating damage, which allows it to penetrate opponent parts and armor. Holding down the trigger generates a lot of heat, and you can’t shoot until it’s fully charged. Simply let go of the release of the trigger to cancel a shot.

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Missile Pack

At close to medium range, Missile Packs are fantastic. They pack a punch and, if fully reloaded, can fire in groups. They also have a bursting area of effect, which is deadly if you’re going up against a grinder.


Hammers are most effective when used in conjunction with your zoom screen. Make sure your controller bindings are set to either your controllers or your head to steer the Hammer. When a hammer is ready, hold the fire button down and target the missile where you want it to go, using the zoom screen or not.

You’ll notice a countdown to when the missile will suddenly vanish, so find a target before it does. The rocket will immediately launch ahead in the direction of your cross-hairs after you release the trigger.

An excellent idea is to aim for the ground where your opponent is walking or landing. The Hammer’s blast can easily demolish limbs. A flying hammer can be shot down with any weapon, although skyjackers are particularly adept at doing so.


The Skyjacker deals damage according to the enemy’s movement speed. You’re causing damage if you witness the fireworks explode. There is no damage if there is no blast.

Note that skyjacker damage is also triggered by Hoppers running at maximum speed. If you’re being attacked by skyjackers while flying about, turn off your engine so they can’t hurt you. Then, before touching down, restart the engine to ensure a safe landing.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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