WWE 2K22 | Best Tips And Tricks For MyGM

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you all the tips and tricks that I have learned while playing MyGM in WWE 2K22. You have the liberty to play this mode in any way you like.

However, I think if you go through these tips, you will be able to win MyGM quite easily and that too in a short time. Go through them if you need help and let me know in the comments down below if they worked for you.

MyGM Best Tips & Tricks For WWE 2K22

If you are trying to get the achievement of winning MyGM, then you should do the 15 Weeks Challenge. Let us get started with the tips and tricks of how to best play MyGM right now. At the start of your draft, make sure that all the superstars that you pick have good stamina. 90 is best, minimum pick should be 75+. If not, then just restart the draft.

Initial MyGM Progress

Ideally, you should have Giant vs. Cruiserweight, Fighter vs. Bruiser, and one Specialist. For each category of fights, have one face and one heel squaring off against each other. Just play with 10, that’s fine. This is both for the men’s and women’s categories. E.g.: You can have a heel Giant face off against a face Cruiserweight.

You need to have just 1 Specialist, that’s it. They are kind of the worst option, but if someone gets vetoed, then they are a good fallback. Specialists make all matches somewhat decent.

You can save a lot of my by doing just 10-week contracts. 5-week contracts are pretty cheap. You will get to know who you need to have later on.

Always have an inter-gender mixed match involving both men and women. Tag team matches are a good idea, doesn’t matter if they are men’s or women’s.

Which Matches To Pick

Ideally, you should start off with high-cost matches like TLC. Find out about the rivalries between superstars and make them involved in Singles matches.  Go for Charity instead of Self Promo. You can get a lot more fans coming in that way, even if you had the worst ratings.

  • Pay attention to the show logistics.
  • Use the best option available until you have a match set in stone.
  • You also wanna try and use the Optional Bonus. For example, picking the Viral Campaign under Advertisement.
  • All you have to do is make a 55+ pop superstar cut a promo and reap the rewards.

Some Other Alternate Options

Some cheap options who are good with the mic like Eric Bishoff, Hulk Hogan, or Booker T are good for a quick pick up after the draft. Even if they don’t make great matches, they cut superb promos.

If you get vetoed and must use superstars not in a rivalry, just pick a high-cost match like a TLC so that you can get good stars that week. Especially if they have high stamina and are not often used in matches. 

  • Try and keep the feuds going and try to build up the rivalry so it gets to rivalry level 4 a week before the PPV.
  • Then use the rivalry matches on the PPV which finally ends the rivalry and gives you the huge fan bonus.
  • If you are running low on cash, you should not be just picking 10 superstars at the start.
  • But if you do so, do advertisements too and make sure they have 4 or 5 promo skills.
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Minimize Switching Roles

It is not really a good idea to switch roles. You are better off buying another superstar than switching roles. Or you can go for someone new for that person to make a rivalry with. You should try to get people good at promos/mic skills too, period. Keith Lee is a giant that is good at promos, and other good promo-cutting superstars are already listed.

  • Also, check-in on the Commissioner’s goals, and try to do them. Especially if its a card you want that is involved.
  • You can get extra Power cards from the Commissioner if you do certain things like getting a local superstar and putting them in a Hell in a Cell match with someone who has a good popularity.
  • So let’s say that after the match that local superstar has 28 pop. Usually, they get a huge boost for just being in a match with a popular superstar, like a 14 pop increase.
  • And as a result, the Commissioner may give you a To The Moon card, which grants even more boost. You can use it on whoever you want.

Health Card and Ratings

Same with getting a superstar under 40 STA. The commissioner may give you a Health Spa card. Also if someone gets injured, you may get a Recovery card from the commissioner.

To The Moon is really good, so I recommend buying a local on week 1 and putting them in a match (maybe a tag team match) with popular superstars and in TLC.

  • Save the attack cards and use them on the PPVs.
  • Sometimes in the review stage, where you see the feedback from the fans on social media, they give hints like they haven’t seen Braun in a while or the chemistry between superstars is bad.
  • I haven’t seen any boosts coming from listening to social media, but they can indicate why a rivalry is not getting started.
  • Don’t keep putting them in tag matches if this happens. Or if it one on one, then put them against each other in tag matches.
  • Or it may be a good idea to do promos with them if they are good at that.

That’s all I had to share with you guys. Thanks for reading my tips and tricks on WWE 2k22.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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