Battlefield 5 (BF5) – How To Report Hackers/Cheaters Guide (Origin)

Battlefield 5 (BF5/BFV) is a first person shooter, competitive game with its latest addition called the Firestorm. Its just like other battle royale games with a lot of cool features. Competitiveness in such games can be on the high and killing opponents becomes ever so important.

Having said that, some people push this competitiveness too far by using cheats/hacks or some system glitches to gain the upper-hand in the game. This can be a turn off for the real grinders who actually want to improve their shooting and communication skills in such games. So in order to tackle this let us have a look that in BF5, How to Report Hackers/Cheaters both ingame and normally, via origin.

BF5 How To Report Hackers/Cheaters : PROCESS 1
In origin, open the chat window, click on the add friend button as shown below :

In the search for friends, type the name of the suspected cheater and click search :


It will bring a list of matching id’s. Select the name of the suspect.


Click the little arrow next to send friend request :

Select Report user :


fill in the details:

BF5 How To Report Hackers/Cheaters : PROCESS 2

with origin in-game overlay turned on, you can select them from the scoreboard, origin will open the profile and go straight to the steps mentioned above and you will able to report the potential hacker/cheater quicker in BFV(Battlefield V) much quicker!

credits : LOLGotYerTags

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