COMPOUND | How To Enable Debug Mode For Cheats

A free-roaming, randomized shooter for VR veterans, COMPOUND is a tough-as-nails classic first-person shooter with a variety of movement choices, including duck and dodge past enemy fire.

Want to play COMPOUND to the fullest without going crazy, but are having trouble? Don’t be afraid! You can teleport to any floor while in debug mode and bring any weapons you like there. For clarification, see my guide below. 

How To Enable Cheats in COMPOUND

Enabling debug mode

Make sure COMPOUND has been previously started and is currently closed before continuing. You will be fiddling with your configuration files, which are created when the game initially starts up.

Making changes to these files while the game is running can lead to a lot of issues because the game constantly checks them.

Your config file can be found by opening file explorer. It won’t be located in the same location as your game files (aka when you right-click on the compound in the library tab, go to properties, then local files)

It is accessible by default at:

  • This PC > OS(C:) > Users > [your username] > AppData > Local > COMPOUND

It should contain just two files:

  • config.cfg
  • config 2.cfg

“Open with” is available when you “right-click” on the first one (config.cfg). How you wish to open this file will be asked in a window that appears. “Notepad” can be found by selecting “more apps.” It will appear in a text editor like this:

 1667912564 preview debugscreenshot2

  • Find “DebugMode False” by slightly scrolling down. Replace “False” with “True” as follows:

1667912564 preview debugscreenshot3

Close the file by pressing the keys Ctrl + S, and you’re done! Start the game, and enjoy yourself with those wonderful, happy, fantastic guns! If you completed it correctly, it should seem as follows:

615120 screenshots 20190312173044 1

To be teleported to a certain level, pick up any of the firearms outside the shooting range, and then step inside the writing that reads, “go here for [floor name]”.

Common Issues And How To Fix Them

Where is the configuration file?
If you have more than one storage device, such as an SSD or a second hard drive, be careful to navigate to the hard drive that COMPOUND is installed on, rather than “OS(C:)”. Make sure that the user COMPOUND is installed if you have several users.

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I located it and edited the file, but it was unsuccessful.

Do you recall closing the file after saving it? It won’t work if you don’t. Make sure the first config file, not “config 2.cfg,” was updated. The second one is only a standby.

I can’t seem to find/have a notepad.

Get notepad++, perhaps. It’s a decent text editor that is also free.

I think I’m using Mac.

LOL. Good luck!

What does gaming actually look like while you’re in debug mode?
The only difference is that there are now teleports to every floor and free weapons in the lobby that you can take with you. It’s practically the same if you disregard the free weapons and skip the teleport.

What if you only discover the files config 2 and compound.sav lacks “config”

Try modifying or opening config 2.

I only see other files; I can’t view the config. Can you help?

Your config file is kept in a separate location, thus you most likely went to the wrong folder because you can’t access it by just right-clicking on the compound and selecting Local Files. Make sure it’s still functional. 

Closing Words

I restarted the game after renaming my compound.sav because it was maybe my Compound Bow mutation that was preventing me from using the level shortcuts (now in the target range instead of the lobby). A useful hand swap option is also available in config 2.cfg!

This is what I was searching for to facilitate offhand Bow runs, but I don’t believe it’s in the in-game menu. (Cannot be modified with Steam Input either). It DOESN’T grant access to god mode, more ammunition, decreased enemy health, etc.

To be clear, when I used the term “lobby” in my original comment, I meant the main menu, which is represented by the space in the screenshot. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.

Last Updated on July 23, 2022

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