Destiny 2 – How to complete Excavation Site XII Master Lost Sector

There are several Lost Sectors in Destiny 2‘s expanded Lightfall version for players to compete against. One of the most straightforward lots is Excavation Site XII, present in the EDZ.

Despite being the quickest to finish, the Lost Sector had not proved easy for players when it was first added in the Season of the Splicer two years ago.

Nevertheless, the upgrades and new weaponry with everyone will surely make it a much more attainable Lost Sector. Excavation Site XII has seven Champions, and players must weigh their builds carefully, as we discuss in the following guide on completing the Lost Sector. 

Destiny 2: How to complete Excavation Site XII Master Lost Sector


You will have only a single Arc shield in the Lost Sector, so match its burn while creating the loadout. Players must have a Primary, which can stun Unstoppables, as there are more than Barriers.

Bows and Scout Rifles are excellent choices when dealing with attrition, while if you want to get aggressive, you will need health support. Here is the list of Modifiers in the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector: 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Excavation Site XII location

  • Threat: Solar
  • Attrition: You will have wells of Light after beating enemies, but regeneration is hampered
  • Surges: Solar and Strand
  • Champions: Barrier and Unstoppable
  • Scorched Earth: More enemies throwing grenades
  • Shields: Arc
  • Overcharge: Swords

Players on Master difficulty will have the following extras as well. Players cannot switch the equipped loadout after it begins, along with taking in more Champions.

You will also be able to review only portions of the fireteam with more members being revived as you take down other Champions. 


The subclasses of Hunter, Titan, and Warlock all have three options each in Threadrunner/Nightstalker, Sentinel/Sunbreaker, and Voidwalker/Dawnblade, respectively.

They should have a Solar subclass and are already equipped with Ember of Empyrean and Restoration

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Excavation Site XII details

For the Hunters, Threadrunners should use Cyrtarachne’s Facade for continuous Woven Mail, which is best combined with any Unrelenting weapon or Recuperation mod.

On the other hand, Nightstalker uses Gyrfalcon’s Haubern to win Volatile Rounds that enhance your power against Barrier, and more add clear. 

 When it comes to the Warlocks, Dawnblade takes advantage of Phoenix Dive to have two times the Restoration when Heat Rise is on. Ember of Empyrean will increase the buff.

Rain of Fire and Sunbracers can use them well. Voidwalkers have Devour to make you unstoppable in a good DPS so that the Machine Guns will be your best friend. 

Titans with a Sunbreaker can have Synthoceps with Throwing Hammer, which gives a lot of damage. Players can also have Consecration for Unstoppable Champions.

Sunspots will be great for Restoration. Sentinels should go for a Repulsor Brace with the Artifact perks, giving you Void Overshields and Volatile Rounds

Each Solar subclass should have Ember of Torches, which will give them Radiant, which grants Anti-Barrier Rounds to weapons with no Champion qualities so you can attack Barrier Champion shields

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Excavation Site XII entrance

  • Witherhoard: Dawnblade with Starfire Protocol
  • Lament: Crack the Barriers and strike strongly
  • Arbalest: One strike will take down Barrier Shields
  • Void Machine Guns: Artifact perks will have significant damage inflicting
  • Gjallarhorn: Strong Heavy weapon
  • Solar Scout Rifles: Battles Unstoppables along the burn
  • Wish-Ender: If you do not prefer Arbalest
  • Leviathan’s Breath: Battles Unstoppables and inflicts loads of damage

A Solar Primary with Unstoppable Rounds should be your first choice. Eriana’s Bow with a Kinetic is also an excellent alternative, given the number of Unstoppable Champions.

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A Void Machine Gun is great for the ads as they have Volatile Flow and Bricks from Beyond with MG Volatile Rounds. So, your Machine Guns will have anti-Barrier rounds. 

Destiny 2 – All locations in Excavation Site XII and how to defeat the final Boss


There will be Legionaries and one Unstoppable Incendior, all coming up to the opposite side of the cave.

Once you stun the Champion, remove the Legionaries and activate the Ignite, making it go quickly. It would be best to hold your place while the Champion’s antlers turned red and stun it before firing with your Heavy weapon to finish the job. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Excavation Site XII gameplay


There will be quite a lot of challenges for players here. We have Legionaries and an Unstoppable Incendior like before, with Psions, Phalanxes, and two Barrier Colossi added.

You will come across a small group of Cabal on the bridge, so you take them out from within the cave or go on a different route. For players looking for a newer viewpoint, leap across the left exit of the cave going across the chasm.

There is a ledge before the Cabal, which houses the last boss. You can look for the bridge enemies from here. Players should not take down any of the non-Champion enemies.

That is because the boss and its partners will come up again, which will have you fighting six Champions together. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Excavation Site XII enemy

The two Barrier Colossi come together and are on the bridge until you remove some of their team. The Unstoppable Incendior is towards the back of the bridge and follows you after hearing you.

Attack the Champion, and it will come to you, so stun the Incedior and then use the Heavy weapon. The Barrier Colossi should have projections of their shields together.

Once the shields break, attack one of the Colossus heavily, and you should remove it as quickly as possible. After you repeat the process with the other Champion, the others can be taken care of. 

Boss Encounter

The Colossus boss will have Phalanxes, Psions, Legionaries, and three Unstoppable Incendiors. Attack one of the Incendiors and move away to separate them so it starts chasing you.

Now you will be able to take them out one by one in an individual manner. The rocket barrage from the boss is difficult to deal with. Such a cover is vital.

Breaking the Arc shield with your Super or Heavy weapon would be best. Finally, get the Lost Sector chest after completing the task. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector. It can be done very quickly in Lightfall with the new weapons.

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Last Updated on April 18, 2023

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