Destiny 2: How To Get Le Monarque Exotic Bow And Catalyst

The end of the annual Solstice event in Destiny 2 has commenced the riveting wait for the new season. With the Arc 3.0 subclass being looked at, players are excited for weapons and the Le Monarque Exotic Bow has found suitors.

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It has the ability to inflict poison damage, great for using against many enemies or DPS phases. Given that the Primary Bow will be a great choice for poison types, it makes sense to go after the Catalyst as well.

In that regard, the following guide will help players learn all about the Le Monarque and its related perks, along with how you can get the Le Monarque Catalyst.

Destiny 2 - Le Monarque Exotic Bow

Destiny 2: How to get the Le Monarque Exotic Bow

The Le Monarque Exotic Bow was part of the Forsaken expansion. It is still the best weapon for inflicting damage through poison over a distance.

You can mostly find it being used in Crucible activities nowadays. Additionally, it is also a great choice when there is a Champion Mod. Here’s how to get the weapon in the current times:

  • It was gotten from the Black Armory drop when it was initially launched
  • However, current players have to visit the Monument of Lost Lights in the Tower which houses all the former Exotic weapons
  • Nevertheless, you will still need to have the Forsaken DLC to get ahold of this weapon.

Players will need the following to buy or get the Le Monarque Bow:

  • 200 Dusklight Shards
  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • One Ascendant Shard
  • One Exotic Cipher

The last one can be earned through quests received from Xur every weekend. Ascendant Shards are part of the Grandmaster Nightfalls and Trials of Osiris.

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There is another way which involves taking 10 Enhancement Prisms to Master Rahool for one Shard. Players will also be eligible for the reward if they get to max rank after the end of reward tracks.

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When it comes to the Le Monarque Catalyst, you will get the Le Monarque Catalyst through Gambit, Crucible, and Strike activities.

Destiny 2 - Le Monarque Exotic Bow Perks

Destiny 2: Perks and Catalyst of Le Monarque Exotic Bow

The Intrinsic Trait of Le Monarque is Poison Arrows. They can inflict poison damage with precision strikes. Here are the following perks of the Bow:

  • Natural String
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Compact Arrow Shaft

All of them together will benefit players in hitting more precision strikes. Furthermore, you will not need to defeat enemies beforehand to activate the Poison Arrows and go well in end-game battles.

Coming to The Catalyst for Le Monarque, serves the following benefits or Perks:

  • The Perk is called Unrelenting, which allows for getting health back when you quickly defeat enemies
  • You will require two Guardian hits and three non-Guardian hits
  • It will also better your Stability and Reload Speed by 20 points

Thus, that is all players have to know about the Le Monarque Exotic Bow which is a perfect option in PvP and PvE combat. Players should definitely acquire it if they can before the new season rolls around.

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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