Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (SV): All Revavroom Weaknesses And How To Battle Them

There are several new additions to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as Generation 9 has taken full hold. Apart from the 103 new Pokemon, players will have a lot of stuff to engage in, including customizing their characters from head-to-toe, Hyper Train their arsenal, finding hidden abilities, and of course, defeating Gym Trainers around Paldea to win badges.

Indeed, the location of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is vast, meaning there are great chances of finding Pokemon across various destinations. While some are found only in specific regions, others have no such fixed habitat. A familiar face that will pop up at regular intervals is Revavroom, who is Steel/Poison-type.

Players can do many good things by capturing Revavroom throughout the game, but you must know its weaknesses and how to defeat it best. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand the shortcomings of Revavrooom and how to capture them. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Revavroom

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV): All Revavroom weaknesses 

Revavroom can change its Typing as you fight it over the game, meaning there are a lot of good moves to be wary about. The Pokemon takes no damage from Poison-type moves while also being pretty solid against Flying, Rock, Ice, Steel, Normal, and Dragon.

That is why the best two types of Pokemon to have up your sleeve should be Fire and Ground. Fire is two times more effective, while Ground is four times more. You will also do good to have Psychic and Fighting types.

The average Ability of Revavroom is Overcoat, while the Hidden Ability is Filter, with the former protecting the Pokemon from Sandstorm and other Powder-type moves, and the latter lessens the damage inflicted by super effective strikes by 25%. 

Revavroom is only part of Team Star and will battle you as part of their fights. There are several varieties to go through in this regard that are weak to differing types, and here we list them as follows: 

  • Ortega (Fairy): Steel, Poison
  • Atticus (Poison): Psychic, Ground
  • Eri (Fighting): Fairy, Flying, Psychic 
  • Mela (Fire): Rock, Water, Ground
  • Giacomo (Dark): Fairy, Bug, Fighting

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Revavroom location

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV): Best counters to Revavroom

Revavroom has an excellent Attack stat along with good Defense and Speed stats. That is why your Pokemon needs great Defense, which can bear a few attacks.

While the fights against Team Star feature different types, when players face off against the regular Revavroom, they should use Pokemon such as Lucario, Salazzle, Camerupt, and Magnezone. A great help to fight Revavroom is through Special Attacks, which are the second-lowest stat for Pokemon. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when figuring out Revavroom and how to counter it in battles. There are many variations of it if we include the Team Star forms, but players should initially focus on the regular version, which would be a tad less complicated to take down before you can use it in future fights. 

Last Updated on January 4, 2023

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