How To Make Money Quickly In Crusader Kings 3

Almost everything in Crusader Kings 3 requires money. Here are a few methods for adding more gold to your treasury. In Crusader Kings 3, spending money is a lot simpler than earning it.

There are typically additional financial concerns that need your attention, that demand several years’ worth of income, and the majority of investments require this. The game is much simpler if you have a lot of gold in your treasury, but getting there may require decades or even generations of planning and investment.

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How To Earn Money Fast In Crusader Kings 3

The methods listed below can help you increase your wealth for both short-term cash infusions and long-term growth prospects. These techniques will assist in making the money available for whatever purpose you have in mind.

It’s not always simple to replenish the king’s coffers, therefore we’ve expanded this list of Crusader Kings 3 money-making opportunities!

We’ve looked at methods you can save money in-game. In Crusader Kings 3, the majority of your expenses are fixed, making cutting one expense almost as effective as finding a new source of income.

Go On Raids

Sending soldiers to pillage wealthy areas is an easy approach to obtain quick money if your culture, government, or religion permits raiding. Raise your forces as raiders and let them pillage and plunder.

When raiding is turned on, anyone who owns property outside of your realm that the army enters will view them as hostile.

  • Before raising your hoist, make sure to review the greatest raiding techniques.
  • While raiding armies engage in standard combat and sieges, they do not produce War Score.
  • Instead, anytime they successfully besiege a holding, they gain loot.
  • More loot can be carried by larger armies, and when they return to your country, that loot is instantly transformed into cash for your treasury.

Arrest Criminals

Check to see if there is somebody in your world that you may legally imprison if you urgently need some additional money. Using the Imprison interaction, traitors, killers, and troublemakers can be captured and subsequently ransomed back to their respective lords.

The offender must be significant enough for the vassal to be willing to pay a ransom while utilizing this strategy.

  • The ideal targets are close relatives, council members, and the vassal himself.
  • When pursuing a vassal, seek out one with a high rank but a precarious position; Duke-rank characters with a few possessions are ideal because the ransom payment is based on the prisoner’s rank.
  • Weak Dukes will spend the most to escape from prison and will be easily conquered.


Any money that a character has left over after they pass away goes to their principal heir. This is not a reliable nor constant source of income, although it occasionally can bring in a useful windfall, particularly if a childless sibling passes away before their time.

If a vassal passes away without any heirs, their estate passes to their liege.

  • This can be used to your advantage if you keep a watch out for childless vassals and hasten their demise.
  • You might even give old, single characters your new possessions; they’ll operate a county in your name and make some money, then give it to you.
  • Rinse and repeat.


Increase Vassal Taxes

You can get away with changing your vassals’ feudal contract, such that it demands more tax money from them, if they like you enough or if you have a Hook on them.

You won’t be able to just raise taxes across the board; this has to be done vassal by vassal.

If you don’t have a Hook, you might need to give your vassals something in exchange for a larger portion of their money, because they must consent to changes in their contracts.

  • Guaranteeing them a place on the council is typically enough to get their attention
  • You could also use a sway scheme or arrange for them to marry someone who will benefit them, to influence their opinion prior to the contract discussion.
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Ask For Gold From Religious Leader

You can ask them for money if your religion has a Spiritual Head Of Faith (you can check in the Religion tab). Considering that the Pope is quite wealthy, Catholic leaders have the easiest time with this. Select the Ask For Money interaction by performing a right-click on the image of your Head Of Faith.

  • The amount you receive will vary between 100 and 750 Gold, again depending on how much the Head Of Faith likes you.
  • They will only agree if they do.
  • Regardless of whether they concur, asking costs 250 Piety and results in a temporary Opinion penalty with the Head Of Faith. 

Downsize Royal Court

Characters of the King tier and higher must keep a court if they have the Royal Court DLC. This entails a number of monthly expenses that are flexible; the more you spend on the facilities for your court, the better your Grandeur will be, unlocking perks and powers.

  • Of course, maintaining a kingdom requires money, so the court is sometimes the first place to look for cost-cutting measures.
  • Your grandeur may decline if you lower the standard of your court’s food, clothing, servants, or lodging, but bankruptcy is a much worse appearance.

Build Money-Making Structures

One of the best things you can do with cash on hand is to invest it in your holdings to raise your overall income. Depending on the terrain type of the holding in question and the technology level of your Culture, there are a number of buildings that can be constructed and upgraded in each holding.

  • The Farms And Fields building chain, which generates the highest income, is typically the best option.
  • You should develop and upgrade buildings whenever you can to increase the amount of money you can earn throughout the course of the game
  • The additional income they provide is intended to be small and incremental.

Reduce Military Budget

Men-at-Arms are a crucial component of your army, but even when they aren’t raised, they still cost gold each month. If things are calm, you can cut the size of your Men-At-Arms regiments or perhaps dissolve them entirely to save some money.

While it’s true that downsizing or disbanding a retinue can result in higher charges later on as you re-hire them, if you play your cards well, this method can serve as more than just a temporary cure.

  • You can discover that your adversaries use different troop types as the situation in the world changes.
  • When you hire fresh Men-At-Arms, you have the freedom to switch up your units.
  • After all, winning close combat depends on having the appropriate counters and terrain advantages.

Order Stewards To Collect Taxes

By default, your Steward will patrol your realm to make sure you get paid for all necessary taxes. Most of the time, it’s preferable to maintain them in that position and let them do their duties.

A Steward assigned to this chore will not only boost your total taxable income by .5 % for each Stewardship skill point, but they may also occasionally collect more taxes than expected, paying you a lump sum immediately away.

Increase Land Development

Check to determine whether any of your properties could benefit from more Development or Control if your revenue is less than you anticipated. By assigning your Steward to a County, development can be hastened. Development generally grows slowly over time.

A county’s tax revenue and levy size rise by 0.5 percent for each point of development, making high-development counties particularly attractive.

  • Feudal and Clan governments only see a rise in income due to development.
  • Tribal governments cannot profit economically from development, yet they can nearly always engage in raiding when they require money. 

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