High On Life: How To Fix Audio And Sound Problems

If you are bored of only gunfire and want some more excitement, then High On Life is the game for you. Taking place across galaxies where you are the bounty hunter in search of aliens with your talking guns, players have been enjoying the highly colorful graphics.

The game has been developed by Squanch Games and reminds players of the wacky adventures akin to the hit comedy series Rick & Morty. Nevertheless, not everything has been rosy for the game and its players. There have been several issues related to the sound and audio levels of the game, including cracking, cutting, and sometimes, not functioning.

These experiences will not leave a good taste on anyone, so solving them quickly is essential. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand the problems and the best fixes. 

High on Life - fixing sound issues

High On Life: What are the most common audio and sound issues

There has been a lack of game sounds even when adequately plugged in or connected via Bluetooth for players. Additionally, when the audio does work, it is tranquil and hard to hear what is going on in the game. These are not good at all. That is why before getting into the more thorough fixes, you should check the following items: 

  • Switch on the Volume Mixer and keep it at high
  • Connect the headset well
  • The correct device is chosen through the Sound menu
  • Launch the game once again

If all these do not solve the problems, you can move on to deeper solutions.

High On Life: How to fix audio and sound issues 

Switch off Spatial Sound

Also known as the Sonic option, players have to turn it off before they play the game. 

  • Navigate your way to Settings and choose System
  • Select Sound and then Related Settings
  • Go into the Sound Control Panel, where you will click on the playback device.
  • In Properties, choose Spatial Sound and choose Windows Sonic for your headset when the format comes.
  • After applying the changes, you will need to relaunch your system 

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Fix game files

A standard solution that usually does the trick for a lot of games. Players who have downloaded the game on Steam will have to go through the given steps: 

  • Go to the Steam Library and right-click on your game
  • Select Properties and open the Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of game files… and it will take some time for the full process to finish
  • After it is completed, restart your PC for the changes to be applied

High on Life - solving sound problems and audio

Update your audio drivers

While you will have the audio drivers ready, they can need updating and repair from time to time. 

  • Bring out the Quick Link menu by selecting Windows+X
  • In Device Manager, get into the Sound, video, and game controllers
  • Right-click on the audio device and choose the update option
  • You can also search for the drivers, and your PC will also look for updates on its own as well
  • When you finish the installation, restart the PC, and you are all set

Remove peripherals 

An overload of peripheral devices will be problematic for your High On Life journey. That is why it is always recommended to have the least number of peripherals while playing.

Make sure audio devices and speakers are working.

Using a wired headset, you must check it is connected and functioning. Another thing that can be effective is testing your speakers before the game starts. That is always a good option, no matter which type of gameplay you are going for. 

Thus, that is all the information you will need to eliminate the pesky audio issues in the game. There can be a situation where a number of these solutions will have to be combined. It should be fixed soon in your journey, and you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.  

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

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