High On Life: How To Reach Skate Park

The twisted gameplay of High On Life has been earning great praise due to its innovative and exciting adventures. Apart from the famed talking guns voiced by famous people, Justin Roiland’s directorial offering reminds players of the wacky stuff Rick & Morty involved themselves with.

You start as a Bounty Hunter who has to free humanity from the clutches of an evil alien race that has taken them captive. There is a lot of additional stuff to do, which, for some reason, includes watching full-length movies, and that, too, four of them!

Players with a lot of time can go for it once the pesky audio issues are solved for those suffering. One of the most exciting places you can visit is Skate Park, which unlocks early on in the game. In that regard, the following guide will help players access Skate Park and enjoy what it offers. 

High On Life - Tricky Daddy Skate Park

High On Life: What is the Skate Park

The Trick Daddy Skate Park has a game within itself that will test your skating prowess and turning powers to complete it. The mission is pretty exciting, and players will enjoy doing it in the game.

Three teenage aliens will challenge you to acquire 42,000 points, do 360-degree spins, and serve as enthusiastic cheerleaders while you partake in the mission. That is why Skate Park is an entertaining arena; you should know how to get to it in the game. 

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High On Life: How to access the Skate Park

One of the most important items in the game is Warp Crystals which players should be getting as they move into the game. These are used to pay for the stuff available at the kiosk managed by Blorto, which will be unlocked after you defeat the two G3 bosses by the names of Douglas and Krubis and then interact with Mayor Clugg inside Blim City. 

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High On Life - how to access skate park

Blorto and his cart will appear outside where you are residing in the game, and his “menu” contains a list of Warp Discs and the location for the same. The Warp Disc for the Tricky Daddy Skate Park will set you back by eight Warp Crystals, which is a sizeable amount. That is why you should be storing them as much as possible. 

After purchasing the required Warp Disc, use the Bounty 5000, get into the Portals menu, and choose Zephyr Paradise: Upper Valley. Once you reach here, go left and up the hill to the warp location, and you will find the list of Warp Discs.

Click on the Warp Disc for the Skate Park, and you will be teleported there to start the mini-mission.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when accessing the Tricky Daddy Skate Park. It is pretty easy once you have the minimum number of Warp Crystals, so that is the part you must focus on before going for it. After you have it, you can finish the challenge quite quickly and win rewards. 

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

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