High On Life: How To Increase And Improve Max Health

One of the first orders of business while playing any game is to know how to keep your health safe and secure. It is needed to keep you powering through the various missions that come your way, and in High On Life, you will have to find it out quickly.

While going through the galaxies to save humanity, there will be several enemies coming your way. That is why players have to raise their max health as soon as possible; luckily, the game offers you the chance to do the same.

Though it is not possible as soon as you start the game, you will eventually be able to increase your max health. In that regard, the following guide will help players find out how to better their max health and progress seamlessly through the game. 

High on Life - increasing max health

High On Life: How To Improve Max Health 

The way to max health starts with arriving in Blim City, which contains the Bounty Suit you are looking for. After you get the Bounty Suit, the base level of Health is 120, and you will need to keep increasing it. The best part of the Suit is that healing occurs naturally over time and keeps benefitting you. 

Nevertheless, that will not be all you will require for the upcoming missions. This is where the pawn shops will come in handy because they contain an item called Durahealth Container. These items will be necessary to increase your max health in the game by 10 points each.

The problem for new players would be that each Durahealth Container will set you back by 1,000 Pesos. That is a lot of money in the beginning stages, so you must hustle hard by finishing bounty quests and unlocking Lugloxes

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High on Life - durahealth container

The game has been going great for most players, but there has been one area which has faced some setback. There have been reports of players facing performance issues which can be fixed through a few easy fixes. Overall, High On Life has been a solid adventure, and with the max health feature, players can continue their quests even longer. The Lugloxes are a great way to go as well. 

Lugloxes are boxes you will discover around the game, and they will give you 1,000 Pesos, if not more, over time. Keep a Knifey handy, and you are all set to go. The bounty computer will provide you with objectives to achieve, and you can claim the prize after finishing.

The game does give you a chance to earn 1,000 Pesos and you will need to keep working towards it. Thus, that will be all the information players need to increase their max health in High On Life. It will be very helpful for any of the future missions and the game rewards you aplenty.

The Durahealth Containers would be the way to go so stack up on them as much as you can. These will be the difference makers when it comes to defeating your opponents over time. 

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

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