How To Defeat Iron Valiant In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In this guide, you will learn how to defeat one of the toughest Paradox Pokémon from the future, Iron Valiant. The Paradox Pokémon that dominate all others are undoubtedly known to those who have finished Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Iron Valiant 

How To Exploit The Flaws And Weaknesses Of Iron Valiant In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

With amazing numbers and potentially lethal skills, this futuristic hybrid of Gallade and Gardevoir will catch players off guard when they reach the main story’s climax. It is essential to exploit every one of Iron Valiant’s flaws if you want to avoid being attacked by it. 

Iron Valiant: Appearance

Iron Valiant is a mechanical, bipedal Pokémon that shares many visual characteristics with both Gallade and Gardevoir. It has big magenta blades sticking out from the sides of its gauntlets, which it can separate and combine into a lethal double-edged weapon.

It has a teal head crest that resembles a gladiator’s helmet and a green curled portion covering its head that curves outward twice from each side.

  • The head also has two cone-shaped structures at the back.
  • On its chest, a magenta core acts as the focal point.
  • Its torso is decorated with five petal-shaped guards in white, green, and magenta with pink tips.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: All Iron Valiant Weaknesses and How to Use Them

The Attack, Special Attack, and Speed of Iron Valiant are amazing. Due to abilities like Close Combat and Moonblast, it can easily defeat the majority of enemies it faces with a single potent strike, despite having an astonishingly low Special Defense.

It may also use its Quark Drive power to increase its attack, allowing it to destroy even the most vigorous opponents.

  • Its most significant vulnerabilities as a Fairy/Fighting-type Pokémon are Flying, Poison, Steel, Psychic, and — oddly — Fairy-type attacks.
  • Due to its inherent weakness in defenses, this can make it vulnerable to Pokémon like Talonflame.
  • The issue gets a little trickier if you run against another player who taught TMs to their own Iron Valiant.
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Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 1


Flutter Mane can effectively neutralize Iron Valiant if you deploy Pokémon from opposing versions. It will quickly dispatch its futuristic adversary because of its tremendous Speed and Special Attack.

Kilowattrel might be your best option if you prefer something that all players can access. It can launch an all-out attack because of its high Special Attack and Speed combined with its ability to use Special Flying-Type techniques.

  • If you don’t have those options, you’ll need to attack a player-owned Iron Valiant with extreme caution.
  • You might even survive a potent strike if you use a Pokémon like Toxapex, which has superior defense numbers.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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