Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Get Afflicted Bone

The Sunbreak DLC has proved to be a gamechanger for Monster Hunter Rise, and its popularity has increased with time. There are even more items and gear than usual, with players going on adventures more often. One of the crafting items in store is the Afflicted Bone, which is making a debut appearance.

However, unlike other bone objects, this one is not found in Bonepiles. The following guide will help players with finding out everything about the Afflicted Bone and where to get it. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Bone

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Getting on Expeditions

First things first, players have to attain Master Rank. This is a new addition to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC, so players have to download it beforehand.

After you start the game, reach the Elgado Outpost and meet Fiorayne who is a Knight of the Royal Order. He will give you quests to go onto, and this is how players will get geared towards Master Rank objects.

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The Afflicted Bone will be gotten from Afflicted Monsters in the game. Therefore, you will have to head out on Master Rank Anomaly Quests which will allow you to take them down. After the battle, you will have a chance to win Afflicted Bone. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Quest

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to find Afflicted Bone

In the game, there are three monsters which will give you the chance to collect Afflicted Bone during Anomaly Quest: 

  • Lagombi: It is found in the Frost Islands and the Citadel. It is a large, Fanged Beast which inflicts ice damage and Iceblight. Therefore, you should have Nulberryes with you which will help in the battle. 
  • Volvidon: This monster is found around Sandy Plain, Citadel, and Lava Caverns. It has the capability to paralyze players and immune to fire and dragon attacks. Therefore, make sure you make use of water and ice attacks to subdue him. 
  • Arzuros: The final beast is present in the Shrine Ruins, Citadel, and Flooded Forest. It uses the thick claws to attack players, without any magic attack. He is immune to dragon and water attacks, but takes damage from fire, ice and thunder strikes. 
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There is a 20% chance of players getting an Afflicted Bone from these battles. However, players will need to go on a number of missions to collect the required number of bones which will help in crafting materials. Keep reloading from Elgado Outpost, and you will be able to move on quests. 

Afflicted Bone is useful in crafting several weapons like the following: 

  • Lagombi Decider Great Sword 
  • Lightning Shredder Switch Axe 
  • Hard Bolt Jewel 
  • Chrome Heaven Great Sword 
  • Might Bow Jewel
  • Wyvern Gnasher Great Sword 
  • Hard Dragon Jewel

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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