Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Get Pawprint Ticket

The brand-new Subreak DLC of Monster Hunter Rise has added a variety of stuff across all departments. There are several pals for the players to wander about with like the Palicos and Palamutes. In this regard, players will require the Pawprint Ticket.

This is a crafting item of rarity level 8. You can use it to upgrade a number of Master Rank Buddy objects. However, these are not found through hunting or quests. The following players will help players in getting Pawprint Tickets, and how to best use them in the game. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Pawprint Ticket

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – What is Pawprint Ticket?

Pawprint Tickets are used by Lynians as a means of thanking each other. They are like vouchers or coupons, which players can redeem at the Elgado Outpost or Buddy Smithy in Kamura Village, and you will receive new Buddy Gear.

Now comes the part of who has them, players have to battle Felynes and Melynx. They are found in several places of the map, and are small cat creatures. They will not attack you until you provoke them or remain in their area for a while.

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Though they are tenacious fighters, players will be able to easily overwhelm them in their full gear. After they are defeated, they usually drop one out of three total items they carry. Felynes drop: 

  • Round Acorn
  • Pawprint Ticket
  • First-aid Med

While, Melynx leave behind: 

  • Secret Stash 
  • Pawprint Ticket
  • Ration

However, there will not be drops after every battle, meaning players have to grapple with the RNG of getting a drop before a portion of the items used. 

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Shrine Ruins Pawprint Ticket

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to get Pawprint Tickets?

Felynes have a 14% chance of dropping the Pawrpint Ticket, while the odds rise to 20% when it comes to Melynx.  Therefore, you have to head into the different places in order to defeat them.

Felynes and Melynx can be located in the Shrine Ruins, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Frost Islands, Jungle, and Flooded Forest. Furthermore, how well a player knows any particular place will also influence of tracking down the Lynians.

The Shrine Ruins is one of the most efficient places to go for this, and here’s how you can also do the same: 

  • While on Master Rank difficulty, go inside the Shrine Ruins.
  • There will be two Felynes in Area 1 where the roadside is. 
  • Two Felynes and one Melynx can be found on the ridge on top of Area 3.
  • Two Melynx are present in the raised bamboo forest that encompass Areas 7 and 8.
  • Having collected from them, go back to the hub to reload it, and try again. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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