Myth of Empires Guide On Setting Protection Timer

In Myth of Empires, the Role of a Protection Timer is to protect your precious base. You need this mechanism for a number of reasons. When you go offline, the protection Timer fends off raids and other intruders.

Having that said, setting up one can be a tricky task. Especially when PvP players and others Clans are after your guild base, this becomes ever so important.

In this guide, I will show you how you can set up a Protection Timer effectively, and maybe have a sound sleep while you are offline.

Myth of Empires – How To Set Up Protection Timer

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Typically, your Guild Marker will start to blink and give off red alerts when you have encountered a raid. In such situations, setting up a protection timer is the best thing to do. Here is how a guild marker looks like:

guild marker myth of empire

Kindly note that this is only needed if you are playing for PvP content. If you happen to be on a PvE server, or you are strictly playing that, you do no need to worry about raids and protection timers in general.

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Range of Boundaries (White and Blue)

The first thing you need to know is the Boundary Colours and their ranges in the protection timer. To know the Boundary ranges, interact and click on the option called “Boundary Marker Show Range” like so:

boundary marker range myth of empires

If you are concerned with only the protection timer and base protection, pay full attention to the WHITE marker. Once you show range, go outside and look at a distance. You should be able to see a white boundary, as show here:

white boundary marker myth of empires
White Marker for Base protection

Anything inside this boundary marker, will have the full protection of you weekly taxed protection timer. I will be discussing the taxation and the allotment for the timer at a later sub-section.

The Blue Marker will be located at a much farther distance than the white one. That is basically the No Decay Timer. This timer marker has a slightly different payment method. Usually single payments per week covers this one.

blue marker node decay myth of empires
Blue marker for No decay protection

Paying Weekly Taxes for No Decay Timer

To pay for your No Decay Timer Specifically, Do the following:

  • Go inside Inventory
  • Select the Boundary Marker
  • look at the bottom-right corner
  • Check the resources you need to collect and pay weekly
  • Once you have them, select Donate and it will say “Next Week: Donated” !
  • Here is an example image:

No decay timer tax pay

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Upgrading Duration of Protection Timer

Here I will show you how to upgrade how long the protection timer will be up and running. To do this, first, do the following:

  • Press “G” by default
  • Select “Guild Skill” from the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Internal Affairs” Tab
  • Put 1 point in:
    • The More the Better
    • Vast Fortune
    • Reknowned

Finally put the final points or whatever is left in “Increasingly Dominant”. Here is how the point allocation should look like:

upgrading protection timer duration

The “Increasingly Dominant” helps in increasing duration of the Protection Timer. It basically adds an Hour to per point you put towards Taxation. The higher you can get in this section, the more protection timer you will have!

How To Set Up/Allocate Protection Timers

The Time and Date that you can see there are determined by the Server you are currently on. So, for example, if you are on a EU Server the time zones would be WET, CET, and EET. The same methods goes for other servers as well.

Now, when you open the timer via “Protection” tab, you will see two windows. The top window is for the current week and the bottom window is for the next week. You basically need to alter the first one first.

Paying Taxes for Timers

To set up the timer for the next week, you need to determine and allot taxes to them. Do this by going over to the “Tax” tab. You will have the following options:

  • Poll Tax
  • Head Tax
  • Farm Tax
  • Press “pay” once you have enough resources for them.

paying taxes for timer

These generally require the same amount of resources so you need not worry about that. Once you pay these taxes, go back to the “Protection” tab.

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Figuring Out The Mechanics of Timer

You will notice that there are two counters besides the timers saying “0/0”. The right-side counter is basically number of hours you have after you pay the taxes. The left-side counter is the number of hours you will be setting.

Use 0 to 24 as the timers to set. 0 stands for Midnight, 12 stands for Mid Day, and 24 is Midnight for the next day. DO NOT use any other numbers or special characters here, an try to follow this coding of timer.

Basically this follows the 24 Hours time so do not use the Normal Time Mode. Now, If you want protection throughout the night, DO NOT set the timer like 21 : 9 : 00. This will mess up the timer. Instead do the following:

Date [month-date/day] 1st Time Interval2nd Time Interval
11-29Time Range:2124
11-30Time Range:092124
12-01Time Range:092124

This will Protect you from 9 pm. to 9 am. (12 Hours). You can use this knowledge to set whatever timer you want for the entire week also. The concept is simple. Let me show a full example for the entire week to clear this even more:

Date [month-date/day] 1st Time Interval2nd Time Interval
11-29Time Range:2124
11-30Time Range:0182124
12-01Time Range:0182124
12-02Time Range:0182124
12-03Time Range:0182124
12-04Time Range:0182124
12-05Time Range:0182124
12-06Time Range:0182124

The above table will protect you for 21 Hours from 9pm that day, up to 6pm the next day. The calculation is 21 to 24 = 3 Hrs and for the next day it goes for 0 to 18 = 18 Hrs. 3+18 = 21 Hrs. You can use this weekly concept for the entire week for different times.

hours counter

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Official Release for Protection Timer Settings (MoE Devs)

Boundary_Marker_protection_setting [Compatibility

Take this as an example.

  1. Time Interval means you can only set time range between 8:00 15th, Nov and 7:59 22nd, Nov. Don’t set time early or late than this range.
  2. You can only input integers from 0-24, such as 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 . . . . . .24. Don’t input 0:00 or 13:00 or 24:00.
  3. For each day the maximum time range is 20 hours.
  4. There are four boxes for each day, that means you can set two time interval. For example, on 16th,Nov. You can input 1~8; 8~12 or 1~12 in the first 2 boxes and leave the other 2 empty.
  5. Numbers can only be input in ascending order. Don’t input something like 23~5.
  6. In this example you have a 60-hour protection, don’t need to use them up. Of course you can if you like. Besides, if you are playing in a PVE server, you can just ignore it, because even if you don’t set protection time other players can not attack your structures.
  7. Only after you’ve confirmed this week’s protection setting, you will be able to set next week’s protection at the right bottom(see pic below). Don’t forget to tax for next week’s protection in advance.

SourceAngela Game

And that is how you can setup the protection timer in Myth of Empires. If there is any confusion regarding this, you can let me know in the comments below. I will try to help you out as soon as I can.

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15 thoughts on “Myth of Empires Guide On Setting Protection Timer”

  1. I play on personal PvE dedicated server but my Guild Marker still flashes red, so you are saying to just ignore it? How do I stop it flashing?

    1. I do not think you should worry about the Flashing sign in PvE Servers. The devs should give this one a patch or workaround. Only worry when it flashes in a PvP server as of now.

  2. Ok, I thought that maybe it’s because animals were about to attack my outpost, I got their slaughter to the point, where they can attack me at night… soldier drills need a butt load of food, and everything needs darn meet.

  3. Doesn’t your time table leave you defenseless most of the time for days 11-29, 12-01, 12-03, 12-05. You are only covering for 3 hrs during the night those days. all the odd days you’re covered for 3 hours while the even days your’e covered for 18. on the odd days you can be attacked for 18hrs of the day and the evens 3hrs of the day. You are only protected every other day.

    1. Actually The four boxes are time intervals. That means you can set two time interval. For example, on 16th,Nov. You can input 1~8; 8~12 or 1~12 in the first 2 boxes and leave the other 2 empty. I have rectified the wordings. I used “Timer” so it is confusing I guess.

      1. Let me try to explain myself a little better, there’s 192 hrs in the span of the 8 days listed in the schedule. you covered 84 hrs of that. I’m trying to understand how you are protected on Dec-1 from the time 00:00-18:00 when its labeled as only protecting that day from 21:00-24:00

        1. I got it now. Yes you are absolutely right. Actually I had to fill up the 2nd time intervals to cover that. Kindly check now and see if it is fine now. I have rectified the tables. Thanks!

          1. Okay cool, Yeah looks good! Was trying to figure out how it worked and your guide helped a lot. I was just confused on that one part and now it looks good, thanks for taking the time to fix that.

    1. Yes these are for PvP Servers. Taxes basically ensure that the hours you are alloting for base protection get fullfilled. As you pay taxes you will see the second hours allocation slot going up. The Protection timer will consume them and protect your base.

  4. For PvE servers, the No Decay timer and donation sets it for the next week. If we happened to come back a little late and all of our base buildings are at, for example, 2k/5k health, does repaying taxes for the week under the tax tab rectify this? Is there a way to refill the decay on our buildings with the protection timer instead of going to every individual wall, etc. and repairing them?

    I’m struggling right now because our buildings decayed a bit between our territory marker going away and then me building a Boundary Marker the next day. As far as I could tell, I don’t need to pay taxes if I’m not worried about PvP or anything, so I don’t want to waste resources if it won’t do anything. That’s a lot of coin I don’t have right now. Lol

    Thanks for the guide; super useful!

    1. There’s no way to mass repair decay damage, unfortunately. No clue if they plan to add a functionality for mass repair. I think they should do it in their future patches. If you want to mass repair buildings from the Crafting bench, you can do that. I believe the Crafting Bench table provides an AoE for building repairs. You may have to check it once.

  5. I got raided on pve lost my whole base. Put in over 100 hours aswell. Door was broken and all my benches smashed. Makes no sense on pve???

    1. That is strange. It can be the wild animals also. As far as I know you should not need a Protection Timer for PvE servers.

  6. NPCs raid the base when your standing with them becomes lower than -10. So yeah, PvE protection is needed, which is FUN! Hope you have previous saves of “Saved” folder and can revert back. Reinforce the base, have your soldiers stationed inside etc. I just got raided by 2 Vagrants lol… I wonder If I want to bribe the marker or leave the danger. It’s too safe otherwise.

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