Myth of Empires – Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide

Have you started playing Myth of Empires and wondering how to upgrade weapons and Armor? I will show you in this guide on how to upgrade both weapons and Armor. This may seem basic but it can be confusing at times.

For weapons you will learn how to upgrade them from blue tier, all the way up to red tier. This MoE guide is somewhat intermediate, so if you are just starting with Myth of Empires, take a look at my Beginners Guide for MoE.

Myth of Empires – Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide and Tips

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade

Requirement for Weapon Upgrade⇓

There are certain requirements you must meet to start upgrading the weapons. This does not follow the general rule of getting a weapon and simply upgrading it. The rules here are a bit different.

The first and Foremost thing you need is the Forge Table. This is where all the Metal-beating and magic will happen. The most important function of the forge table is to create weapon mold from weapons.

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade

  • Weapon Mold – Usually needs Ingots, hardwoods, complete wood, leathers, etc. You can see the requirement under the weapons themselves.
  • Other Ingredients for Different Tiers
  • Quenching Essences

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How To Get Quenching Essences⇓

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade

You can get these Various Quenching Essences from Yellow Border NPCs. Others include:

  • Yellow bordered standard NPCs
  • Dragon bordered NPCs
  • Armoured yellow border NPCs

As far as I know, these are the only NPCs that drop Quenching Essences. The chance to drop is as follows (Needs verification but mostly true):

  • Green – level 20+ NPCs
  • Blue – level 30+ NPCs
  • Purple – level 40+ NPCs
  • Gold – Dragon Border NPCs

Quenching Essences help you to make upgraded weapon molds to put into the quenching stations

Crafting/Weapons and Armor Skills⇓

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade

There are two different tabs you need to look at to upgrade skills for Crafting and Armor. To go there navigate to Talent and Skills > Crafting/Armourer. The Crafting skills is basically Weapons and Armourer is for Armours.

  • Craft/Weapons -> If you play in guilds, have some players concentrate on this skill tree and give them weapons to craft. OR you can do it yourself as well.
  • Armourer -> Concentrate skill points here for Armor Crafting. You can do the same with the help of guild members also.

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Levels of Weapon and Armor Qualities⇓

The weapons/Armor have certain qualities to them that you need to take note of. Gold being the most here with the Highest durability among the other weapons/Armor. Mostly, they are:

  • Green Weapons/Armor – Quality Level 10
  • Blue Weapons/Armor – Quality Level 30
  • Purple Weapons/Armor – Quality Level 50
  • Gold Weapons/Armor – Quality Level 70

For Weapons⇓

Now,  go to Crafting Tab, inside “Talent & Skills”. Inside the crafting tab, you will have the chance to get weapon molds depending on which “Blacksmith” you spend points in. I will explain that by showing a table:

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Blacksmith RankChance to get Weapons and Their LevelsPlayer LevelSkill Level
DiscipleGreen Weapons – Lvl 1030450
TeacherBlue Weapons – Lvl 3035525
MasterMore Chance for Blue Weapons – Lvl 3040600
GrandmasterPurple Weapons – Lvl 5045675
ForgerHigher Chance for Purple Weapons – Lvl 5050750
Forging AdeptGold Weapons – Lvl 7055825
Forging GrandmasterRed Weapons – Lvl 10060900

For Armor⇓

Go to Armourer Tab, inside “Talent & Skills”.

Tailor RanksChance to get Armor and Their LevelsPlayer LevelSkill Level
DiscipleGreen Armor – Lvl 1030450
TailorBlue Armor – Lvl 3035525
MasterMore Chance for Blue Armor – Lvl 3040600
GrandmasterPurple Armor – Lvl 5045675
Craft ArmourHigher Chance for Purple Armor – Lvl 5050750
Armor Crafting AdeptGold Armor – Lvl 7055825
Armor GrandmasterRed Armor – Lvl 10060900

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Crafting The Molds – Guide and Tips⇓

Once you have crafted the mold in the Forge Table, head over to the Quenching Pool. To unlock both of these, you need to unlock certain tree. To do that go to:

  • Crafting Recipes > Workbench and Tools > Hammer Forging [level 30] 

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade 

Once you are inside the Quenching Pool Tab, you can drag any of the weapon molds from the inventory to the quenching pool at the right of your screen. It will then show you the requirement to craft that item.

Now starting from green rarity weapons and Armor, you will mostly need quenching essences. To add them to your pool, keep them inside the “Target Inventory”. This is the one at the top. That is how you can add items to the pool. Once you got all the materials, press “Confirm”.

myth of empires weapon and armor upgrade

Quality Differences in Weapons/Armor⇓

Knowing the differences clearly, will justify as to why you need to upgrade the rarities of the weapons or armour in the first place. Also to get these to higher tiers, upgrading crafting also becomes an important part.

Usually, you will gain a large boost to the stats for the weapons. I will point them down so that you can have a general idea on why you need to take notice as well

  • Almost 3x durability. For example; Long Hammer -> Green Rarity – almost 3x Durability
  • Damage Increase
  • Since weapon damage skills are percent based, the small amount multiplies by a decent margin.
  • You can compare other stats and see a fair increase as well

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Test your upgraded weapons and Armor out to get a good idea. That would be all I am sharing in this Myth of Empires Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide. Do leave your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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