NFS Unbound: Changing Color Of Cars

The new look Need for Speed game is taking the racing genre by storm, and there are no signs of slowing down. NFS Unbound has been making waves with its insanely custom graffiti artwork and excellent street graphics across all game parts. The cars are as excellent as ever, with EA hoping the franchise gets its steam back, which began with the legendary NFS Most Wanted.

The radical nature of the graphics and gameplay has taken all the talk, but there have been some persistent problems relating to crashing on start and blacking out. While there are quite a few methods to implement to solve the problems, the game has many customizable categories.

One of the favorites for players is changing the color of their cars, and the following guide explains how to do it in NFS Unbound.

NFS Unbound - car

NFS Unbound: Ways to change the color of the car

Since there are so many types of customization available for players, it can get confusing as to what exactly works best for players and their rides. In that regard, here is what you have to follow in the game once you make little progress and start earning money. For players wanting to find out what is imperative, here are the steps below:

  • You will have to make your way to the garage owned by Rydell
  • This location will be available on the map, and you can spot it below quite easily
  • Click the X on your preferred console or PC button to get inside the garage
  • There are three choices in front of you, which include Play, Rides, and Character

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NFS Unbound - car color change

  • Since we are customizing the car, choose the Rides
  • The Style option is what you need, which opens up a whole world of possibilities
  • Click the Paint and Wrap tab, which has four categories: Edit Wrap, Library, Community, and Remove Wrap
  • There are two kinds, Paint and Wrap, with the former giving you a full range of palettes to choose color range from
  • Choose A to confirm and B to go back
  • Coming to the Wrap, it will have the colors for windows, including front, left, top, and right
  • Once you are finished, do remember to save the settings, and then you start racing in your exotic ride to let the streets know who the real boss is

NFS Unbound - customizing car

Players will get the ‘Cool Whip’ achievement once they have gone through the steps, and this is just one of the many fun achievements that players can complete with time.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when changing the look of their cars through the garage. It is a reasonably straightforward process, meaning you can take time customizing it as you want, which will help you choose your best looks for the ride. Once you start getting more and more cars, alongside unlocking more options, many possibilities open up towards the latter parts of the game as you prowl the streets and pick up wins.

Last Updated on December 3, 2022

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