Outriders | Best Technomancer Build for End Game

Playing Outriders and wondering what is the best technomancer build for endgame? This guide will help you get a good technomancer build idea. It will also help in levelling up quickly and also for End Game.

I personally also use this build for my Technomancer. Since I myself am a Technomancer main, I am always on the lookout for such builds which stands out for me. Without delaying further, let’s check it out…

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Endgame

Technomancer Skill Build↓

In short, the three skills you should put on, for this build are Cold Snap, Blighted Turret, and Blighted Rounds. Now let me go over each of them and why they are used in this build.

The main ingredient for the perfect build recipe is Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds gamertagzeroAs the description suggests, it turns your bullets into slow-ticking toxic ones. Along with a small AOE, and decent damage buffs, It also converts your bullets into anomaly-infused ones.

This means that the ammo completely ignores armor and does direct damage to enemies. I will discuss the synergy mods that go with this skill, later on.

Blighted TurretBlighted Turret gt0 is the second skill you want to equip. The difference is that this gives you a very short cooldown. So you can literally use any cooldown mod and bring this up almost instantly.

As the name “Blighted” suggests, by default the bullets from the turret will do toxic damage.

But for this build, I have used a mod in the helmet that converts them into freeze damage. What this does is, helps you in controlling crowds. Especially the charging enemies.

I picked this over Fixing Wave because of Three factors:

  • 33% healing is just not enough healing for me and my mates
  • The cooldown is a bit on the longer side, hence I prefer the ones with shorter cooldowns.
  • This also fits well with the class tree I will be showing you, so it all fits well with your overall build synergy.

Cold SnapCold snap gamertagzero is the last, and a must-have skill in your arsenal. You can preferably swap this out for Fixing Wave if you want. But I personally face crowd control and area of effect issues.

Hence, I use Cold snap as the best alternative. This combined with blighted turret (With freeze mod) helps you in controlling a lot of enemies at once. Some mods also help in buffing this skill so you can use them as well.

Technomancer Class Tree Build↓

Right away, I went for the top tree build for Technomancer, which is, Pestilence Build. I like raw weapon damage as compared to the other two trees which mainly focus on Tanking and Skill/Ability Build.

The main damage comes from buffs from your skills and sheer bullet damage modifiers, as you can see from the bullet icons in the skill tree.

These raw weapon damage percentages along with skill-specific modifiers stack up very well and can do massive damage to enemies in a very short period of time. This is the Skill Tree and these are nodes to unlock (Personal Preference):

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide

Note that this is flexible and you can change one or two nodes as per your playstyle. But I highly recommend going for the raw damages if you are going for leveling and End Game Builds.

Your main healing will come from Weapon leeches and damage restorations so build them accordingly. NOTE: The final mode is Empowering Antena and NOT Charged Gunshot.

Technomancer Gear Mods and Builds↓

To Craft and modify the gears, you should go over to a crafting vendor and do it from there. Select the Gear you want to modify and select Mod Gear, and that should be it.

Some mods are swappable and some are locked, so this slightly depends on the RNG and what mods you get on the gears. Hence I advise you to not recycle any good gear right away.

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Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide

Ideal Mods in this Gear will be


This synergizes with Cold snap and Blighted rounds and buffs them decently. Long Winter grants you increased skill radius and Trick up the sleeve grants you 30% extra bullets on your “killing Shot”


Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide

The mods to use here are


Note that the second mod synergizes with snipers.  If you do not prefer it, you can swap that out for any skill or leech mod. This is up to personal preference.

But the first mod is highly recommended to land those crits on enemies and increase the damage.

Leg Armor

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide


These are both very important aspects of your build. The former fits very well with your overall build and Blighted rounds as well.

The 40% damage buff is excellent for the overall build of your Techno. The latter helps you in getting back an entire magazine of Blighted bullets instead of one. Spare mag has helped me a lot in crucial fights, so that is a must-have in your mod list.

Head Armor

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide


ICE COMPONENT is the crucial mod I was talking about earlier. This converts your Blighted Turret into a freeze turret. It helps massively in crowd control and I would highly recommend having this as one of your mods.

The second mod I used, called MITIGATION FROM DEATH, is mainly for survivability. You can use any other mod here, that increases your survival chances.

You can also go for more skill synergies as well. I personally struggle with big damages, hence I prefer a bit of survivability as well for my leveling up and End Game content.

Body Armor

Outriders Best Technomancer Build Guide

I focussed on more survival time here. The mods are


Both of these mods increase your capacity to take damage and can take you OUT of sticky situations. Since your main source of healing comes from one tree node and possibly weapons, I stacked up more mods to survive longer in intense fights.

You can pick otherwise and this is completely up to preference.

Technomancer Weapon Mods and Build

I Personally use heavy damage builds and synergies for my weapons. But this section is flexible. You can go for any weapon you like. Just keep your skill tree in mind and you should be good to go.

No No! to Shotguns and SMGs and Yes to Long-range weapons is the only advice I can give you here. If you want to do a close-range build, you might want to swap around the skill tree for a more close-range build.

The One and Only Mod I would look out for here is EMBALMER’S RAGE. This grants Critical Shot for 5 seconds after a Killing shot. A pretty insane mod and a very rare one also.

I myself do not have this yet. if I get one I will be sure to let you know via this post or any future posts.

That would be pretty much all from this guide. I will wrap this post up by stating that after the Technomancer Buff, you can totally use this character for Quick Leveling Up and End Game Content.

You just need correct synergies and builds to go with it. I am always open to suggestions and questions down in the comments below. Do let me know if you have any ideas in mind. I have an entire section of Outriders Guides

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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