Outriders | DX11 or DX12 (Performance Guide)

There are some players who like Outriders on DX11 and some who prefer it on DX12. There are certain reasons for this preference. In this Performance guide, I will try to cover both aspects.

I will show which one, I think, is the better of the two in my opinion. Without any further delay, let’s dive into it. On a side note, I have an entire article dedicated to improving your system performance to play Outriders properly.

If you want, do check it out on my Performance Optimization guide. And if you want the best settings for Outriders, I have an article on the Best In-game settings as well.

DX11 vs DX12 in Outriders (Fixing Stutters)

dx11 vs dx12 outriders comparison

I will list certain points for both versions. You should ideally try these tips if you want to fix your stutters or crashes if you are facing them in either of these versions.


If you implement DX11 for Outriders, you can fix certain micro-stutters which you can constantly face in certain hardware, especially on DX12. I am talking about specific hardware which causes such issues.

If you are running an RTX rig, I highly recommend turning on DLSS and see if that improves performance. I personally do not face any such issue hence I cannot testify for this version. You should probably dial down the settings if you plan on playing Outriders on DX11.

This has been tested by a lot of players and it works fine with them. If you want to force DirectX 11 onto your Outriders executable, simply put this line of code in the launch options for steam or your respective platform: -dx11

After the recent update from the developers, this should fix your stuttering and other stability issues. If this does not help along with all the other troubleshooting tips, you might want to swap to DX12. Let us check that out in the next section.


To enable DirectX 12 for Outriders, put -dx12 in the launch options of the game. This has definitely increased FPS, especially for high-end systems (For example RTX3080 or 3090 Rigs).

As mentioned earlier, If you are running an RTX rig, I highly recommend turning on DLSS and see if that improves performance. The main issue with this is that the game stutters heavily at the beginning, but it then goes away for the rest of the game.

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I personally have experienced this and it is a tiny bit annoying. But it gets fixed afterwards so this is also fine by me.

Along with DX12, I would recommend that you TURN ON Low latency, and put thread optimization to AUTO from the NVIDIA Panel. You should ideally set the graphics card to performance mode and see if that goes well with the DX12 version.

Personal Opinion

Here are my specs I tried the game on. For CPU I use a Ryzen 5 3600, The RTX 2060 covers my GPU needs, and I have 32 Gigs of DDR4 Ram as my memory.

For storage, I use Nvme 500GB SSD. On the side benches, I have got an I3 8100, GTX 1660, and 1050TI for a variety of testing and performance checks.

I personally play on the DX12 version, and I face little to no issues with it. You should experience the best visual quality on DX12 with a few tweaks here and there along with those mentioned above.

I am fine with the one big stutter at the beginning at the cost of no issues for the rest of the game and a decent FPS gain, at least for my system. Here is the latest Patch from the developers to address some of the DirectX issues.

This is specifically for anyone still encountering stuttering or stability issues.

We have just pushed a Config update to Steam that will ensure that DX11 now launches as intended (yesterday’s launcher was not launching DX11 properly).

DX11 was the version of DirectX that the demo was running with.

You MUST restart Steam to acquire the new config, which will include a minor download.

After you restart, launch Outriders in DX11 mode from within your library (not your downloads).

Please do let us know if this has helped your stuttering or performance issues.

Let me know what do you think, or what are you currently experiencing with the game. You can do it via the comment section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon.

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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