Pokemon SV: How to Evolve Bisharp And Get Kingambit

In this guide for Pokemon SV, I want to go through where to catch Bisharp and how to go through the very specific conditions that evolve it into Kingambit.

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How To Catch And Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit In Pokemon SV

Today I want to put together a quick guide on how to get Kingambit, an awesome looking basically “Samurai” Pokemon. He’s got a giant golden blade coming up with his helmet and even sits down in a badass pose.

I mean, what is not to like about this Pokemon? It’s, of course, the evolution of Bisharp.

Bisharp Location

So, to begin with, first things first, in order to get this Pokemon, you are gonna need to catch a Bisharp, which of course, is the pre-evolution of Kingambit. For that, what you want to do is, go to the North East part of the map.

You basically want to go up to the Pokemon Center right there. Then, of course, once you fast-travel to the location, you wander down into the sort of brown area on the map. You’ll see lots of bamboo trees, which is an incredibly cool-looking area.

  • As you wander around here, you’ll, of course, see a variety of different Pokemon. 
  • Most notably, you will see some Bisharp; this is what you want.

Georgia Bisharp

Which Bisharp To Look For

However, there is a very specific condition. See, when you wander around here, sometimes you’ll see a Bisharp wandering around on its own. However, that is not the one we are looking for. Occasionally you will see a Bisharp surrounded by a collection of Pawniards.

  • This is very important because this is the Bisharp that you need to encounter and you need to catch.
  • The reason for that is that when you encounter one of these ones, and you catch it if you go check the summary, it’ll actually be carrying an item called the Leader’s Crest.

It’s a sort of shard of what appears to be an old blade of some sort. It is held only by Bisharp, who heads up a group of Pawniards.

So if you go catch a regular Bisharp, it will not carry this item. So again, you need to go around this area, find one that is surrounded by a little group of Pawniard, and then encounter that one.

  • Make sure you run into the Bisharp, not the Pawniard.
  • Then once you catch it, it’ll have this item.
  • Make sure it is holding this item because if it doesn’t, you can’t do the next step.
  • So step number one, catch a Bisharp holding that item.
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How To Evolve Bisharp

Once you’ve got that, all you need to do is put Bisharp on your team. Make it your lead Pokemon, so you can battle with it. You need to go back to that same area. You need to battle those same types of Bisharp.

  • Basically, you need to battle leader versus leader.
  • So again, you want to find more Bisharp surrounded by Pawniards.
  • You, then, want to go into battle with those.
  • You need to defeat those in battle. So, of course, you are battling the same type of Pokemon.

So it’s a bit of a battle of attrition, just so you know. Chip their health down, get rid of them, or go away for a while, level up your Bisharp, and then come back. Just so you know, stop them, and do it however you want.


  • To do it, the point is that you need to defeat three other leaders.
  • This is very important… three other leaders.
  • So again three Bisharp, surrounded by groups of Pawniards.
  • Once you’ve done that, once you’ve successfully defeated three of them, the next time you level up, you will evolve into Kingambit.

But once you have defeated three other leaders, i.e. three other Bisharp holding the leader Crest, you then evolve, and you get Kingambit, an incredibly awesome Pokemon, definitely a fixed member of my team now. 

  • You can consume a Rare Candy or some XP stuff, or you can just play until you organically level up.
  • It is, without question, a nice addition to my team.
  • I do really like this Pokemon, both from just the way it looks, but also just, it is pretty cool.

So that is all you need to know. Catch a Bisharp holding a leader Crest. It should be a Bisharp surrounded by Pawniards. Battle three other leaders, then level up to evolve into Kingambit.

That is all you need to do. Hope you guys found that helpful. If you have any more questions, comment below. Be sure to keep it locked, for plenty more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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