Stray: How To Earn Productive Day Trophy

Taking a break from eliminating enemies and going on a big adventure against weapons, Stray has been a welcome respite. Being an orange cat, you have to make your way through a big unknown city in order to reunite with your family.

Players have to figure out puzzles and mysteries as they move along through the various chapters. Alongside completing missions, there are many trophies on offer which can be got through specific tasks or actions.

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One of them is the Productive Day Trophy, which can be gotten through doing a cat’s favourite thing. The following guide will help players in receiving the Productive Day Trophy and what needs to be done. 

Stray - Productive Day Trophy

Stray: What is the Productive Day Trophy?

There are a total of 25 trophies in the game, which are all of a different nature. Some can be gotten through repeating a specific task many times.

On the other hand, many trophies you will normally receive as you progress through the game chapter-wise. Coming to the Productive Day Trophy, you will receive it after allowing cat to nap for one-hour in terms of real-world time.

Of course, nothing is accomplished by a sleeping cat as you have to be awake to move the story along. However, there are only a set of places where the cat can sleep, meaning you have to take your snooze there in order to earn the Productive Day Trophy. 

Stray: How to sleep with cat?

When you move along the different levels, you will come across items to interact with. There are paper bags, where the cat’s head will get stuck after putting it inside.

Therefore, you have to find places which are comfortable and bed-like. These are the areas where the cat can sleep.

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Stray - Bedding

Press the Triangle button to interact with any of these items, and the cat will purr as they curl in a ball to fall asleep. Thus, now you have to wait for an hour in order to get the Productive Day Trophy. 

Likewise, there are many places for a cat to relax in the game. The Slums (Chapter 4) have most of them. You can find bedding next to Morusque, the musician. Furthermore, you can also get him to play music while you nap if you get him music sheets.

There is a sleeping robot on the rooftop who also has bedding, and the camera zooms out to give a full  shot of the city if you sleep here. 

However, given that players can get frustrated over the hour, the game also allows you to sleep in parts. The sum total of your total time asleep will be added, and once you hit one hour, you will get the Silver Trophy for all your work. 

Thus, this is all you need to know about earning the Productive Day Trophy. It does not require much, except to find the perfect place to become cozy. Therefore, it is definitely one of the easiest Trophies to get in Stray. 

Last Updated on July 24, 2022

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