Stray: How To Find Worker Hat And Worker Jacket (Chapter 10)

Cat lovers and puzzle lovers have united to become fans of the new adventurous game Stray. It features the player as a cat who is traveling around the city looking for his family.

He is assisted by B-12, a robotic drone, whom you unlocked in Chapter 3. There are several quests that players have to follow with their wits and genius. Coming to Chapter 10, you will have to take help from an NPC called Blazer who will provide him with the Atomic Batter.

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However, he needs disguise, which the players will need to provide. In the following guide, the players can learn everything about this mission in Midtown and how to complete it. 

Stray - Worker Hat and Jacket

Stray: Who is Blazer?

Once players have finished talking with Clementine, you need to go to the entrance of the factory in order to start the mission. Here you will encounter Blazer, loitering around the archway near the entry point.

When you approach him the first time, Blazer will brush you off, saying he is busy right now. Players will have to reveal the Contact Message they have, which will get Blazer to help you break into Neo Corp.

However, he needs a disguise to get inside as the factory only lets workers come inside at all times. Thus, it is now up to the players to find Blazer a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket which Blazer will wear as he aims to fool security and help the cat in stealing the Atomic Battery. 

Destiny 2: How to find Worker Hat and Worker Jacket?

The two pieces of attire is located in Midtown, inside the respective stores which house them.

Of course, the owners of the shop will not allow a cat to get in and steal away away their products. Therefore, you will have to get crafty in order to distract them and bring back to Blazer. 

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Stray - Cassette

Here’s how to get the Worker Jacket: 

  • Coming back to where you encountered Clementine, you will find NPC called Simon. 
  • Simon will give you a music cassette if you smash the three security cameras present in the area. 
  • To break the cameras, travel up the stairwell to get onto the upper balcony before taking help of objects present as you leap on top of the cameras. 
  • Once you hit the camera, it will drop and smash by itself.
  • After completing the task, meet up with Simon to get the cassette. 
  • Now, go to the clothing store which houses the Worker Jacket and play the cassette on the boombox present inside the back room. 
  • The owner will leave to check what is going on and you can then make away with the jacket. 

Likewise, here the are steps to retrieve the Worker Hat: 

  • Go to the bar in Midtown, where you have to awake the worker present in the back room. You can do this by pushing a crate of bottles over his head. 
  • Once the worker comes back, get inside the empty box present on the floor which will allow you to be inside the hat store. 
  • Get out of the box, snatch the Worker Hat, and exit the shop through the air vent in the floor. 

Therefore, you now have both the items needed to complete the task. Bring them to Blazer who will now venture onto the quest. The processes have a few steps but you can figure it out through navigating the game. 

Last Updated on July 24, 2022

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