Destiny 2 – Neomuna Enemy Ranks And Invulnerability Explained

Neomuna is where Destiny 2 Lightfall has taken us, and for some reason, the opponents are much tougher here. We were aware that Bungie was upping the ante, but not by this much. What each enemy rank in Destiny 2 implies and why some enemies on Neomuna are nigh-invincible is explained here.


Neomuna Enemy Ranks & Invulnerability Explained In Destiny 2

In Lightfall, Neomuna is a location on the map. It is a secret Human city on Neptune that grew during or shortly after the Collapse. It is defended by Cloud Striders, soldiers who have deliberately undergone cybernetic augmentation at the cost of a drastically reduced lifespan.

Rasputin and the Ishtar Collective built Soteria with the help of Vex technology during the Golden Age, hoping to utilize her to replicate far space travel and extrasolar settlement.

Nevertheless, Soteria spotted the presence of the Black Fleet outside Sol just before the Collapse and was unable to develop a trajectory that would allow a hypothetical launch to dodge the Darkness and survive unaided.

Why Are Enemies in Destiny 2 Invulnerable?

d2 lightfall new enemies

No matter the Lightfall campaign difficulty you select, the adversaries you run against on Neomuna are frequently immune to attack or very challenging to kill. There’s a rationale behind that.

In Destiny 2 Lightfall, adversaries are immune to damage because of your low Power Level. The only option you have when shooting an enemy that states it is “invulnerable” is to flee the area and come back when you have reached the Soft Cap.

Lightfall begins with all Guardians at 1600 Power Level. As the Soft Cap is 1750, you must either equip new equipment you find or use Upgrade Modules to integrate the Power Level of the new equipment into your current equipment.

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All Destiny 2 Enemy Ranks

You’ll see a symbol next to the enemy health bars. The enemy’s toughness is indicated by these symbols or levels. The Destiny 2 opponent ranks are listed below:

  • ?? – These adversaries are immune to your attacks. Their strikes are very damaging.
  • Skull – It’s challenging, but not impossible, to beat these foes. While doing less harm, they nevertheless have some punch.
  • Sword – While difficult to defeat, these foes present a challenge. Their assaults are controllable.

Because of this, the adversaries you encounter while looking for all of the Neomuna chests are either unkillable or may kill you in just a few shots. You must complete the Lightfall campaign to acquire better equipment that will raise your Power Level.

You can go back to those ?? opponents if your Power Level reaches a certain point, and they will now only be Sword or below. Give them a dose of their own medicine. 

That is all the information I had to share in this guide on Destiny 2: Lightfall. For more of such guides, keep an eye on our D2 Guides page. Until next time, adios!

Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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