Dinkum: How To Fix Tele Towers And Use Teleportation

Players are loving the rustic life of Dinkum where you are having to build an entire town from scratch. You are in-charge of building towers, farming, fishing, and a whole host of other activities.

Therefore, traveling all over the island is of the essence. However, that is not always easy given the huge swathes of land covering the game.

Vehicles help and there is another way that you can cover distances quickly. It is through teleportation with the help of special towers that you can interact with.

These Tele Towers are of great help for players and the following guide will help in understanding everything about these towers and how to use them.

Dinkum - Using Tele Tower

Dinkum: Looking for scrap

Firstly, players have to repair and fix the Tele Towers before they can be used. Players will require metal scraps and gadgets which can be used to get the towers working again.

Interacting with the tower will tell players what they need to go look for. Here’s how to proceed after that:

  • You will find metal items spread all over the various islands, with the metal barrels being covered in sand
  • Players can dig them out and crack them to find more metal items inside
  • The metals found can be used elsewhere too like recipes for Franklyn, who supplies vehicles
  • However, most metal pieces are buried underneath sand so you will need a metal detector to find them.

Dinkum: Acquiring a metal detector

Players will have to buy a metal detector after getting a Metal Detecting License. The latter can be bought from Fletch in the Base Tent for 1,000 Dinks.

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Once you have that, go over to John’s store on the island to buy the metal detector

Dinkum - Tele Tower Locations

Dinkum: Finding metal and getting upgrades

Here are the steps to find metal scraps below ground:

  • Players have to simply interact with the ground while using the metal detector during walking
  • Make sure that you visit all places thoroughly so you are aware of places where metal scraps can be found
  • You will hear a beeping sound alongside shining lights on the detection screen
  • After finding the place, start digging with your shovel and you will be able to take out the scraps.

As you progress through the game, you will upgrade the license to detect metal scraps without the detector itself.

The Tele Towers will be restored as you bring the materials needed and fix them. However, you will have to fix at least two to three in order to teleport. There are a total of four on the island.

Thus, that is all players have to know about the towers and teleportation in the game. Players can just wander inside the tower and a purple glow comes up alongside the map before you select the place where you want to go. This can be a real time-saver in the game over future.

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

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